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Blog Network Error-How Can This Be?

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Blog Network Error-How Can This Be?

Hi guys,

Here's one for you. A blog network site with all kinds of articles on all kinds of topics with a PR3! Nice right?

Only one problem.......The articles on the site were never spun. That's right! A site full of pre-spun content gets a PR3!! Check it out for yourself-

dryelectric dot com

The first article is ok, but all the others are pre-spun. Go scrape some free spun articles if you want.

Does Google really know what it is doing? This site is an absolute joke, yet people are getting links from this site anyway. This site should be PR n/a given it is nothing but gobbledy gook.

Just FYI with a big head scratch.

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In time, Google would definitely figure that out. It wouldn't take long. I'm also a little bit confused if that is really the case.
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