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Best Way To Make Money Online In The Fastest Time Possible

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Best Way To Make Money Online In The Fastest Time Possible

Hello all, I wrote this blog post on the best way to make money online a little while ago and would like to share it here. It's is not some of my best writing but I think the information is valuable and includes a cool way to find fast traffic sources.

Basically it's about using the google keyword tool and the serps to find places to advertise and send out solo emails.

Here's the link: Best Way To Make Money Online

Almost forgot, I want to share what I am doing here as well! You'll noticed above how my keyword is hyperlinked to my blog post. I am doing this to help this url climb in the search results. Also by including different related keywords as hyperlinks as different backlinks can and will help it more!

Although you need to check to see if its a "no follow" or "do follow" The no follow meaning google will not index that url from that particular placement.

Good places to include do follow backlinks is in your forum signatures, commenting on blog post, various classified networks but just be aware that a lot of these expire over time. There are other places but I just wanted to give you the general idea.

Let me know your thoughts and suggestions and if you have any questions and you can't find the answer in either google search or youtube search then please by all means....
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Hi marketsearch,

Thanks for sharing!

No follow links are indexed just the same as do follow links. The only difference is there is no link juice passed if the link is a no follow. Still, not because a site has no follow links or cannot offer you do follow links, mean it's a no-no. It's all about relevance these days so as long as the page you've created your back link on is related to the page it links back to on your site, then you're all good.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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