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Best livechat software Affiliate Program, 15% per sale, fore

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Best livechat software Affiliate Program, 15% per sale, fore

Subiz Live chat, software support agents better communication with their customers and analyze and understand the customer to have effective marketing plan.
Some salient features of Subiz:
- Chat window customize
- Monitor visitors and identify potential customers, Google Analytics data, you can use it for future plans of Sales and Marketing strategies.
- “Smart trigger” lets you create your own auto actions easily and quickly just by simple steps
- Basic reporting
- Acces unlimited website
10-15% of any payments customers pay for Subiz (throughout using Subiz, regardless of initial charges, extension, adding more features etc).
Registration link: http://subiz.com/landingpage/Referral-E ... ogram.html

According to Subiz reports, average each Subiz customer usually have 5-8 agents. When you guide and persuade successfully only 10 customers to use Subiz , you will have the opportunity to earn $ 3,000 / year.
Let’s participate and contact Subiz to receive a higher commission rate.
Subjects participated suitable Subiz Affiliate Program: professional website design company, Internet marketing company, Marketing staff, web development staff...
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