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Attention Superaff - teaks for your website

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Attention Superaff - teaks for your website

Hey superaff,

I just followed one of your topics and visited both of your sites. I am also working on something similar for sometimes now (yet to launch the site though). Great to know that you are getting traffics and actually making sales.

I am writing this topic because I couldn't find the Submit button in the subscription form of your Newsletter. Even hitting the Return button doesn't help. (http://www.mynetmarketingland.com/)

I also found two Not Found page ( I can guess that you are working on it) - http://mynetmarketingland.com/blog/archives/

I think you are aware of it but just in case . . . .

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Thanks for letting me know Amroch!

I don't know how I forgot to add the submit button! It's really strange...

For the blog, I changed my templates, and then I tried to update the about and archive page without success.

What is really funny is that I own 2 blogs with the same template, and I added the about me and archive pages in less than 5 minutes following the instructions on the template's owner website.
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