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Are Consumer Wealth System sites effected by google changes?

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Are Consumer Wealth System sites effected by google changes?

I was wondering about that program called 'Consumer Wealth System' which Is about promoting physical products. Specifically I was wondering if the small sites that you build with that system would be effected by google changes or not. Because that would effect the results you would get with that system if you can't get ranked very high. Does anybody know?

I know that with Mark Lings affilioblueprint method you don't have to worry about that because he teaches you how to build authority sites with many pages. And he said that none of his sites seemed to be effected by the google changes like the google penguin update. But, I'm also curious about this Consumer Wealth System as well because it supposedly doesn't require as much effort and it doesn't have much competition.

So does anybody know if it's easy to get your sites ranked well using the the Consumer Wealth System, or would google's changes effect your rankings?
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