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Anyone here who has done Elance jobs to supplement income?

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Anyone here who has done Elance jobs to supplement income?

just a quick question about doing jobs on elance

As being a internet marketer i know how to build websites (i like creating websites) its almost an art form
i noticed on elance there are alot of website design jobs. like basic 3-4 pages - and a lot of redesigns- and update websites.

I believe i have the skills to help these people that need these basic websites and updates
and the budgets for the jobs are $500.00 and below.

Have any of you guys done any elance work for supplementy income aside from your daily affiliate marketing?
it seems like if you keep bidding on jobs and getting them you could make some nice consistant money from it.

any thoughts or comments
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I did it once a upon a time. gave up because I did not like bidding continually. It's a good source of income, though, and requires only a minimal start up capital for the membership.
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