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Any advice on landing guest post opportunities?

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Any advice on landing guest post opportunities?

I have been stuck on this one task for at least a month now. Can anyone offer any advice on how to land guest post opportunities? Should I just skip this part of the training for now and move on?
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really, this all depends on your niche and how involved in the niche you are personally. I usually recommend getting to know the blog owners, comment on their blog, and network with them through social media channels first. It's much easier to get guest posts on blogs once the blog owner gets to know a little about you.

Also, look to see if 1, they have guest posts already ( a lot of blogs don't allow guest posting) and 2, look to see if they have a guest post submission page on their blog. this is an easy way to get to people who are accepting guest posts already for their blog.

Once you find those, you need to share what value you can bring to their readers. most good blogs are very cautious of who they allow to guest post. You have to show that you can add value to their niche and bring something to their readers that they don't already have.
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