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Another Site For Sale...

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Another Site For Sale...

Hi All,
we just don't have time to keep on top of all our sites now, so we are looking to offload some, including the Affilorama review site in the sig.
It's made 3 or 4 sales of Premium with recurring billing, and 1 Affiloblueprint sale,but considering that we haven't touched it in months, I should think it can do a lot better.
At #1 for it's keyword, #2 for Affilorama premium, #10 for Affilorama Premium Review, #3 for Affilorama 2010 and with 65 backlinks according to Traffic Travis.
Of course it's not a massive volume search term, but they are pretty ready to sign up when searching for it.

I'm sorry to have to part with this one, it really was a heartfelt testimonial to Affilorama and Marks teaching :-)
It was just something of an experiment for us though, and as we can't put any more time into it someone else might as well get the benefit!

With some updating and fresh content this should be a regular moneyspinner, in fact if we don't get a reasonable offer I might just insist on hanging on to it!

Anybody interested, want more details or anything just PM us, cheers Jillian & John
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