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Affilorama & The Master Plan

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Affilorama & The Master Plan

I've been posting some questions to Mark on another board about Affilorama, The Master Plan, PLR articles and mingling them all together. The first post is a comment/reply to a blog entry, so I edited it to make it understandable in context.

Here is are some of the posts:

Original Post:

I have been trying to figure out how to do the Affilorama plan, incorporating the jillions of PLR articles I have all the while putting the Master Plan in motion.

I can’t imagine that will happen as all three don’t mesh so well.

Now, the PLR stuff *can* be incorporated as content for the Affilorama plan or the Master Plan sites. However, I don’t see how to mesh Affilorama and the Master Plan.

Can it be done?

So, I need to make a decision. Which direction do I move toward?

Affilorama? Master Plan?

Or, am I missing something altogether?

My thinking is, if I just do ONE THING and do it WELL, I will start to make money in all of this.

Mark Ling? Charles? Am I missing something or CAN both programs be meshed together?



Mark Ling Says:
September 6th, 2006 at 11:58 am

Hey Bryan,

Greetings from New York!

The afforama 90 day plan is just 1 plan of MANY that work well. I could just as easily create another dozen, all of which are vastly different, yet achieve a similar income outcome. I just didn’t want to confuse people by having too many options in there.

For instance, if you have money, you could create 12 ppc optimized sites in 12 weeks and be earning over 2 thousand a week in 12 weeks (perhaps I should add that 90 day plan to affilorama for those who have the money to invest in such a plan).

The Master Plan is a VERY GOOD plan, I suggest if you want to marry up affilorama with the master plan, that you create your own 90-180 day plan from them both and message me on the affilorama members forum and I’ll critique your plan (I’m sure charles would do the same on the master plan forum). Then once you’ve developed your own customized plan for the next 90-180 days, get to it! And take action!

All the best!!


Then, I contacted Mark via PM. Here is his answer with my questions:

However, would my time be spent better just following your plan instead of "marrying" the two together? I mean, I could be at that for months before I begin.

Your plan is very important, I am discussing with Charles at the moment an idea to marry the plans together for those who purchase both products. That may take a couple of months for us though.

If you customize and come up with your own plan that is a bit of both, this isn't time poorly spent. Planning is VERY important.

Anyway, I wanted to thank you for your kind input. I am interested to know how you do know about those dozens of other ways to achieve the same result as Affilorama.

I know a lot of internet millionaires who have different strategies, I have also tested numerous strategies myself.

Also, how much money is involved in that 12 week/12 ppc site plan you wrote about?

If you are to get to 2k a week in 12 weeks, then ideally $30,000. That allows room for error. This is for people with money to invest, I don't push this on affilorama, because most people don't have the capital and I don't want to discourage people because the free traffic methods are probably better in the long run anyway.

Hope this helps, best regards,

There you have it!

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— Bryan