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Affilorama services

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Affilorama services

Hi guys

I just got an email that Affilorama is now allowing members to outsource jobs to other members, and I am extremely interested.

I spent over a year on my AffiloBluprint website and did create backlinks from AMA, Squidoo, some article directories mostly in Ezine, and an Automatic Traffic Hub but never got one sale and only 5 sign ups, and currently get about 300 to 400 visitors a month.

I got so sick and tired of my site I decided to move on to other ventures outside AffiloRama but found these other ventures were not for me, but I am still looking over one venture but think it is even more intensive than AffiloBlueprint so I might be returning it as well.

I don't know where to go to post a job I want done, I did see the page where you can post your services and I need someone that is good at creating backlinks and didn't see that service offered yet.


Is there a place I can post work I need done ?

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Larry Bauge
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Hi larry, basically the serices forum is for people to make an offer of a service to other members. I was browsing through earlier and saw smuigal has an offer to do backlink submissions :

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