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Affilorama affiliate

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Affilorama affiliate

Hi I would like to sign my son into the affilorama premium and do this as an affiliate. I should be able to do this as soon as I get a hop link on any site. I am wondering the package I got has hosting with it is it the one the use for the site building instructions the x something $197 product?

After doing the first week and a bit more. My guess if you were to want to go from this program to WA it would be a waste of time. I may change my mind If my first campaign fails but I doubt it I had already figured the answer was to work with my own web sites and lots of pages or lots of sites.

Then not use squidoo or hub pages at all because they filter all your traffic first and leave you about 3%. I may still make one of each for each web site because Google likes them so much but keep them short and not on the best keywords.
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