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Affiliate Project X - Great eBook!

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Affiliate Project X - Great eBook!

On Tuesday there were 3 products launched, 2 (Stomper & Click Flipping) with a ton of hype and a big price tag to go along with the hype and one with no hype and a decent price tag (Affiliate Project X).

I must say Project X is the best ebook I have ever read and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

You can read my review of it on my blog, if you're interested at http://www.chrisbradberry.com/

Anyone else get it? What are your thoughts?
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Yup, got the book and have read it through a few times....Just like everything else, It doesn't live up to the hype, but few things do. There are some good ideas in the book that I will be trying and hope they pan out....we can compare notes after a few weeks ;-)
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