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Affiliate Blog Bootcamp 1 - fantastic!

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Affiliate Blog Bootcamp 1 - fantastic!

I just finished going through the first bootcamp - we have been snowed under, powerless, and I have had a 2 sick families over the past 2 weeks - so I have been champing at the bit to get going on it.
This is great stuff. Mark goes at the frustrating pace it takes to do this stuff. There are other written progs that say 'do keyword research and go on to domain registration, then...blah, blah, blah'. And they make you feel like a total dork for taking so long to get anything done. It takes a minute to write the general instructions but half a day to get anything done if you are a novice.
As a novice I feel that I have met the method I can use to be successful. I promise to let you know. This is my first site as I follow along.
Great job Mark, well worth the first month's fee for the info alone not to mention the feeling of being in a real community.
- Caoimh
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Great to hear that Caoimh.

To your first commission!

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