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AB Sites for Sale - Dog Training

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AB Sites for Sale - Dog Training

Hi Everyone,

I have a few websites for sale. I held off on selling these for a long time because I KNOW they are money makers. But... the cool thing for me is I don't need them. My business is thriving and I can afford to sell these sites.

I have 2 dog training sites. When I first started them, they made a few sales from the Kingdom of Pets site. Every now and then they make a sale which just tells "you" that if you work the SEO, you can make money on the traffic. I never did work on that. Both of these have a newsletter with follow up messages. I can open them up to be copied if you like in Aweber. Then all you have to do is edit in your own affiliate redirects.

Go take a look at the sites. Subscribe to the newsletter to see how that works. Make a bid on the one you want or both. I will take the highest bidder at the end of this month, should there be one. ;) If not, I'll sell on Flippa. I wanted to give you guys the opportunity to have something already built.

Two things - 1 - I have not worked the SEO within the past 2 years. I think the second site actually may have been build in 2010. 2. When you bid, consider that these are already built, they have backlinks, and they are ready for you to build them further. So, I won't accept a small bid, but I'm don't expect a huge amount because they are not actively worked.


Other sites - built before I joined AB

http://ezpondideas.com - This site earns $50.00 a month when the keywords are at the top of Google. I have neglected this site this year so it's not headly earning anymore. The keywords to work I will give you should you want to bid on this one.

http://abprogramsreviewed.com/ - I have not worked this site in 2 years. I made a sale in Nov. I had no idea what keyword but every 3 or 4 months it grabs a sale. That is the key though. Knowing that if you drive traffic to a site, it will convert. This site and the other dog training sites convert for affiliate sales, the pond site is adsense and here and there made a few sales on the Koi pond guide, but I consider that site an Adsense site.

So, if you are wanting to make money and you want a ready to go site that all you need to do is drive traffic to it to make sales, these sites will do it.

Before you ask questions, remember, I built these sites, did a little SEO, then nothing. I used AMA a lot, so there were plenty of articles in that system. However, nothing in 2 years.

I don't know the "true" potential because as I said, I never focused on any of these sites for longer than a few weeks to a month.

This is your opportunity to have something right off the starting block. Now then... my business is at the brink of exploding and I will soon have the money to simply pay someone full time to run these sites so I'm sort of at a crossroads. I'm going to sell them here or sell them on flippa. but by the end of December, I may just have the money to develop them hands off. That's my only issue. They are great sites, but I don't have the time and I am totally focused on my current business so I'm putting all my money into developing it, instead of these sites.

Think about it. Give me a bid, but don't wait too long because I truly may remove some of these or all by Jan.

Best Wishes,
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