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A Blog with 2 Competing Products?!?

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A Blog with 2 Competing Products?!?


I'm new to Affilorma and have been dabbling in affiliate marketing for the last year or so. I have selected my niche and have actually done some PPC with one of the products I selected and it is profitable. Now I am planning on starting a blog around my niche.

My question is, do I limit the blog to the one product about the niche or do I 'offer' a competing product? To be a little more detailed, both would be click bank ebooks. Is it effective to offer the customer more than 1 product or should I just try and sell the most profitable product?

Thanks your help!

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We recommend that you promote multiple products to give your visitors options and so that your returning customers will have other products to buy. It is suggested that you offer at least 3 products to your visitors. Choose a “best overall” product and make it prominent at the top of the page to make it easier for people to make a decision.

You should not review them as if they are competing products. What you can do is focus on their strengths. Use the word "best" on all of your products and create a "Best Products" page so that your customers will think that you only offer quality products (ie "Best Advanced Strategy Guide", "Best Ultimate Guide"). Find products that you’re going to promote as the best
product in a particular category.

Check how Mark promotes multiple products on his site by going to this link: http://www.wowblackbook.com/best-world- ... guides.php
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