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60 Day Plan At Blog Success (SEO)

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60 Day Plan At Blog Success (SEO)

Does anyone have any feedback on the 60 day plan from blog success?

is it any good?
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I have been using it myself with some success. They recently updated it to be more current. But, it is really an intense 60 days. It has taken me about 90 days to get through it all.

The 60 day plan is all about social networking and building up your network of followers. If you follow it, you can really get a lot of traffic to your site without having to rely on search engines, but it is definitely not a passive system. You have to work on it to keep it going.

the good thing is, after you finish the plan, you can continue at a slower pace. Keep adding new valuable stuff to the sites, and building more relationships. this is how sites can get a bit of a viral effect going. Once you establish your authority in the social atmosphere, your followers will do a lot of the link building for you, and you can focus your attention on creating more content rather than link building.
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