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Ewen Chia: Guerilla Marketing Tactics

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Ewen Chia: Guerilla Marketing Tactics

Ewen Chia started his online business in 1997, knowing nothing about building websites. These days he's earning well over a million dollars a year as an affiliate.

It's pretty safe to say that Ewen Chia is one of the world's greatest affiliates. He started online in 1997 not knowing a single thing about building a website. In fact he readily admits he still doesn’t know much technical stuff. Today Ewen is earning well over a million dollars a year primarily as an affiliate.

Ewen is enthusiastic about affiliate marketing because you need to do comparatively little work to succeed -- even the sales pitches are provided by the merchant! It’s an easy model, but there are a number of things you need to learn and do. It’s not as simple as grabbing an affiliate link and getting started.

Ewen stresses that being an affiliate means accepting an ongoing education. The internet changes so fast and so frequently it’s essential to keep on top of your learning. He also stresses that being an affiliate is no different from running a normal business. The benefit of this medium is that it is a medium that you don’t need a lot of capital to get involved in.

Ewen is particularly noted for his success in the "make money online" market. You’ve all heard Mark recommend not to go into the make money online market as your first affiliate venture, and Ewen seconds this recommendation. As Ewen points out -- everyone is basically out there killing each other! Everyone knows what you’re up to, where you’re coming from, and they’re being exposed to new products every day. The idea is that if you can market to the make-money-online market, you can market to anyone. If you can survive that you can do anything.

However, if you ARE absolutely dead-set on trying this market, you would do well to use Ewen as an example of how to do it well.

Tips for succeeding

The make-money-online market is not oversaturated, but is IS competitive. It’s also ever-growing. It's very possible to have success in this market, but you need to be a bit more savvy.

Remember that affiliate marketing is just marketing. It’s not a special model, it’s not a subset of marketing. It’s just plain marketing, and the general proven principles of marketing apply.

Another important point is consistency: if you’re targeting dog training, only promote dog training products to your visitors. Don’t go off on a tangent and start promoting cat training, or (worse) affiliate marketing! If you’re giving bonuses to your visitors, ensure that the bonus is consistent with your main offer or promotion.

Using bonuses to get visitors to buy through your affiliate link

If you take a look at the make money online market, you’ll notice that there’s a bonus war going on. Giving people bonuses is a common tactic in the more competitive markets for encouraging people visiting your site to purchase through YOUR affiliate link, as opposed to the twelve other promotions of the product they’ve been exposed to. Providing bonuses is a proven method of improving affiliate sales.

It generally works like this: your visitor purchases through your affiliate link, and then has a certain window of time to send some identifying information back to the you. You then send out the bonuses. You should also make the bonus only available for a certain period, otherwise people won’t be so inclined to take action.

It’s not hard to get hold of bonus materials, but the important thing to ensure is that they’re on a relevant topic. Again, don’t promote a make-money-online bonus on a dog training site, just like you wouldn’t promote a dog training bonus on a make-money-online site!

You could use resell rights products or software or private label rights articles rolled into an eBook. These are common offers from affiliates. However, if you really want to go up against your competitors, get bonuses that are more feature-packed than the average eBook or "special report". You could offer them an email consultation, you could help them out installing a script. You might create a video showing them how to use a product. The point of the bonus is to add value to the main product, so if you were selling a blogging product you might create a PDF or video showing people exactly how to use the product, or how to increase the conversion of the blog.

Another good way of easily creating bonuses is to create teleseminars and interviews. You could just interview a friend! Better still, you could interview a merchant you’re promoting, then give away a bonus that promotes the merchant and your affiliate link! You could even allow other people to give it away too, thereby spreading your affiliate link viral. All you need for a video interview is some camera and sound equipment. If you can’t muster that, then a written interview is good too. It’s all leveraging other people to create content for you, and it’s miles easier than just writing something!

When you’re creating your product, put yourself in this mindset: would someone buy this product in place of the affiliate product? Would someone fork out good money for what you’re offering? If the answer is no, then maybe your bonus doesn’t pack enough punch. You should make your bonus the MAIN OFFER. This is how Ewen creates his bonuses for the make-money-online market. He views it as creating his own products from scratch. In many cases, he’s had people buying an affiliate product they already have, just to get his bonuses!

Another thing Ewen does occasionally is give away resell rights for his products. Because he’s in the make-money-online market, his visitors will be very interested in this offer. If he was in the dog training market, this offer might not hold so much appeal. It’s about finding the hot buttons in a market and knowing how to push them.

List building

List building is a crucial part of affiliate marketing, particularly in the make-money-online market. If you’re going to send traffic somewhere else through your affiliate link, you may as well leverage the traffic first by collecting email addresses. Think about it this way: If you’ve had to spend money to attract these visitors to your site, by capturing their emails you can promote to them again later instead of spending that money again. Remember that a hundred dollars saved is a hundred dollars earned! Also remember that you can promote products to your list more than once. People forget,and need to be reminded. And you can always promote more than one product. You can even put your affiliate links in the welcome message that people receive when they join your list, essentially automating your affiliate promotion! After that, all you have to do is work on driving traffic to your website. This is the beauty of a list.

Building your brand

If you plan to be in a market for any length of time, you should work on building your brand. This requires a subtle shift in thinking: don’t promote the merchant directly. Promote yourself. People are more likely to buy from people they know, so let your visitors get to know you! The better they know you, the more sales you’ll make.

How do you build your brand? If you send traffic to an opt-in page, try putting your photo and name on the page. Brand it with your identity. Then people know that it’s YOUR opt-in page. Even if they don’t buy anything, they will still have been exposed to your brand and name. If you don’t like to put your face online, you can use a logo, company name, cartoon, whatever. You just need a brand. This way you can promote different products to these people in the future and they’ll know who you are.

Then, once you’ve branded yourself, don’t promote fifty affiliate products. Promote one product... yourself. Market yourself as an expert (or even just a regular Joe that everyone can identify with.) People will come to your site because they’re interested in what you have to say, not because of the products. Again, this means that in future you won’t have to spend money attracting these people back again, and you can promote everything else on the back end.

Make money by giving away free stuff

One really exciting (and easy!) way of making money is through pay-per-lead. Basically, you get paid for finding a lead for a particular company. How do you get this lead? You give away free stuff! Many of these companies have samples that they’ll send out to people for free. All you have to do is promote the free product! One good example is in the stop-smoking market, where you can earn commissions for getting your visitors to sign up for a free stop-smoking patch sample. There’s no obligation, no catches, nothing at risk for your visitors. You’re able to get a new subscriber, and you make money by giving away a free sample! Easy as that!

In Ewen's order of preference, good networks to check are Clickbank, ShareASale and LinkShare.

If you enjoy this interview with Ewen, you might want to check out his other products for teaching affiliate marketing:

www.SecretAffiliateWeapon.com has lots of really good tips.


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