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Meet some of the biggest names in affiliate marketing! These interviews give you an insight into the minds of some of the most successful people on the Internet. They share their secrets, bestow enlightenment... and occasionally talk about their own products :)

Basically, we can all speculate as much as we want, but the truth of what works and what doesn't lies in what has proven itself in practice. These people have discovered strategies that have actually worked in real life, and it's a good chance for other affiliates to learn about these strategies and their possibilities. 

You'll learn a variety of tips and tactics in this section, all from each of these experts' personal area of knowledge. Strategies involving everything from PPC, to SEO, CPA or any other affiliate-related three-letter acronym you can think of.

You can discover "mind control" in marketing, making money with a blog, or even just how to find a profitable niche to start with. This is where all the gurus' secrets are laid out, so have a look to learn what you can from those who've already made it where you're heading.

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Have a Look at What the Experts Have to Say

Matt Carter: How to Find A Profitable Niche

Matt Carter is one of the best when it comes to actually 'walking the walk' of affiliate marketing. Learn to find great niche markets and profit using simple websites and cheap traffic.

Joel Peterson: How To Run A Successful Webinar - A New Twist On 'Push Button' Marketing

If you missed the live training webinar with Joel Peterson, catch the recording here and learn his impressive strategies for making 7 figures a year from webinars.

Jason Jell: Website Promotion And Link-Getting Secrets Webinar

Jason is a master of getting high search rankings with effective SEO. This webinar is filled with valuable information you can’t afford to miss!

Adam Short: Autopilot Website Riches Webinar

This is a fantastic webinar with two intenret marketing expert Adam Short.

John Hostler and Steve Iser: Revolutionary CPA Strategies

Many affiliate marketers haven't heard of cost-per-action marketing, but it's one of the best ways to make an income online. Steve and John divulge strategies that make them six figures a year.

Anik Singal: Affiliate Secrets Webinar

Anik covers fantastic strategies for making money from affiliate programs, including several conversion and traffic generation strategies.

Rosalind Gardner And Anik Singal: Super-Affiliate-Blogging

Two of the Internet's most prominent blogging experts, Anik Singal and Rosalind Gardner discuss profiting from blogging.

Alex Goad: Super Affiliate Interview

In this massive interview (nearly 2 hours!), Alex reveals his personal tactics for finding profitable niches, increasing traffic and maximizing the monetization and conversion of your sites.

Anik Singal: Teaching The Affiliate Way

Anik Singal shares the story of how he transitioned from med student to successful affiliate marketer and trainer. Listen to him discuss successful affiliate programs and common newbie mistakes.

Ryan Moran: Finding Profitable Niches

Mark Ling interviews special guest Ryan Moran, who reveals how he earned more than $54,000 a month from affiliate marketing. Copy his system and experience great success for yourself!

Mark Joyner: How To Use Mind Control In Your Marketing

In this exclusive interview, Mark Ling talks with Mark Joyner from about how to use powerful human psychological factors in your marketing.

Charles Heflin: Master Plan SEO Strategies

Charles Heflin, founder of SEO 2020 and The Master Plan, shares some excellent SEO strategies, an interview not to be missed!

Ewen Chia: Guerilla Marketing Tactics

Ewen Chia started his online business in 1997, knowing nothing about building websites. These days he's earning well over a million dollars a year as an affiliate.

Dave Taylor: How To Make Money With A Blog

Dave Taylor has been on the internet since it was in its infancy, so he gives us some cunning tips and secrets for making money from blogs.

Mark Joyner: Escaping The Slave Cycle

Mark Joyner describes the Slave Cycle, doing work we don’t love just because we need to feed, clothe and house ourselves. Here's how to escape this cycle!

Mark Joyner & Gideon van Schalkwyk: The Mindset of Action

Stuck in a rut? Need a perspective shift? This enlightening discussion between Mark Joyner and Gideon van Schalkwyk (both very successful marketers) teaches you some really helpful habits!

Mike Filsaime: Getting More Out Of Your Visitors

Mike Filsaime is a pretty big name in internet marketing circles. Today he shares some ways to utilize your traffic even more efficiently.

Peter Lenkefi: Traits Of Authority Sites

Peter Lenkefi teaches people how to build authority sites. In this Guruview, he tells us the top 10 traits of authority sites.

Marc Lindsay And Daniel Turner: PLR Articles

Marc Lindsay and Daniel Turner from PLRPro discuss private label rights articles and their role in building your affiliate business.

Tom Hua: Interview Q&A

Tom Hua is an extremely successful internet marketer and a pioneer of viral marketing techniques. In this interview he shares his story, reviews websites and talks about his eBook reseller program.

Michel and Sylvie Fortin: Interview Q&A

Michel and Sylvie Fortin, a husband and wife duo, are very successful Internet and affiliate marketers who have seen firsthand what succeeds and what does not.


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