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Why do we care?

Affilorama is headquartered in one of the most beautiful, unspoilt counties in the world: New Zealand. And because of this, we care deeply about how our business affects the environment. That's why Affilorama has enacted the Affilorama Green Policy, with the aim of minimizing any environmental impact caused by our company's operations. Not only do these measures help protect our beautiful country, but more often not they make good business sense, cutting down on waste and saving us money.

Our Philosophy

Affilorama believes that successful business and environmental conscience are not mutually exclusive. We work hard to ensure that all facets of our business are conducted in the most environmentally friendly way. We are always looking for new and innovative ways to increase our efficiency and minimize any negative impact we create.

Our Policy

Sustainable Transport:

  • The majority of Affilorama staff use sustainable transport to commute to work. The company encourages this practice by giving bike storage space and making public transport timetables readily available.

Waste Management:

  • As a digital media company, Affilorama minimizes the amount of paper usage by having a strict “Print-by-Necessity” policy. Documents are kept in electronic form wherever possible.
  • Instead of using paper notes at desks, all Affilorama employees use small white-boards at their desks for note taking. Not only does this cut down on paper wastage, but it's also far more convenient for workers to use.
  • Affilorama has large prominent and easy to access recycling bins. As much waste material as possible is recycled, including all paper with the exception of confidential document which are shredded.
  • Affilorama has removed all plastic utensils and cups from the kitchen, instead opting for re-usable glasses and metal cutlery.

Energy Efficiency:

  • All Affilorama desktops have an optimized power-saving scheme which automatically turns off computers after a length of inactivity.
  • All screens have prominent “Switch Off” stickers to remind users to switch them off at the end of the day.
  • Last staff member to leave ensures that all appliances are switched off.

Staff Health and Safety:

  • All soaps, detergents and cleaners are biodegradable.
  • Free healthy snacks and discounted gym memberships provided to staff.