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Mark Ling's AffiloBlueprint shows you step-by-step
how to build a money-making website

I'll show you how to build a business from scratch that will earn you a passive income as an affiliate.
This total step-by-step course shows everything you need to know, including... 


How to uncover those "hidden goldmine" niches 
A "niche" is a topic like "dog training", "golf", or "wine-making", where there are products you can promote as an affiliate. I'll show you how to find the most profitable "niche" for your first website.

How to find the best products to promote 
Don't know how to find affiliate products to promote? Don't know which ones will make you the most money? I'll show you how I find the products I promote, and the specific criteria I use to find the MOST profitable ones.

How to build a website — the easy way
Building a website is actually a lot easier than it sounds, even if you've never done it before. I'll show you how to set one up and how to fill it with content. I'll make it even easier by giving you my own WordPress theme, specifically designed for building affiliate websites (normally $97!).

How to create content that SELLS
The content on your website is what will convince people to buy the products you're promoting, so I'll show you how to do it right. You'll learn how to create killer content... even if you can't write yourself, or English isn't your first language. 



Get loads of visitors to your website
with my proven tactics

To make sales you're going to need customers. So I'll show you all my favorite
techniques for getting people to your website.  


  • The ultimate free method: Get loads of visitors to your website from the search engines. I'll show you the secrets of "search engine optimization", so you can let the search engines do all the work for you!
  • Get visitors from social media like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Build relationships, reputation and authority (or just go viral!) Some huge sources of traffic here, and I'll show you how to do it right. 
  • See how to get results even faster with ad swaps, "solo ads", media buys and pay-per-click. These methods are great for seeing things happen almost overnight.
  • Discover my NEW favorite strategy. I taught this to my little sister (age 17) and she makes hundreds of dollars per week just doing this.
  • The weird tip to help you earn more money, easier. I'll show you how you can just step in and snipe the people who are ready to buy... meaning more money, for less work! (But shhh... don't tell anyone!)
  • Get 25 videos and 3 hours of step-by-step training on traffic generation methods alone! Getting visitors is the most important part of being an affiliate, so I'll make sure you know all the tricks.



Turn $50/week into $5000/week with
these advanced strategies

Don't leave money sitting on the table. Get it into your back pocket and
dramatically increase your earnings with some simple "tweaks". 

Find your weak spots — I'll show you how to track your visitors and your sales and see if you're making any silly mistakes that are losing you sales. 

Discover how to keep your visitors coming back so you can sell to them again and again. (This is much easier than getting brand new people to your website.)

How to snowball your earnings. This is how the really successful affiliates make all their money. And the best thing is... it works on autopilot. I'll show you step-by-step how to build these "money making machines". 

How to really step things up. Once your site is finished and making money, how do you turn that into even MORE money? I'll show you the secrets to "scale" your affiliate business, so that you earn more... but work less. 





AffiloBlueprint is the ULTIMATE step-by-step
affiliate training for newbies!

It doesn't matter if you're brand new to affiliate marketing. AffiloBlueprint shows you
EVERYTHING — 100% step-by-step. No experience necessary! 

Step-by-step videos: Over 90 videos showing you every aspect of affiliate marketing: From the very beginning, all the way to advanced strategies. 

Nothing is left out: We'll explain everything, and show you how to do everything. It doesn't matter if you're a complete beginner.

See results quickly: Just complete the homework at the end of each section, and your website will practically build itself! 

Great if you're on a budget: The only compulsory extra cost is a $10 domain name. For everything else we'll show you free or low-cost ways of getting results. 

Get a full education: As you build your site you'll also learn the important principles of online marketing. This is hugely valuable knowledge if you want to create your own products eventually, or sell your services as a marketing consultant!




Who is Mark Ling?

Hi there! I'm Mark Ling and I'm so excited to welcome you to Affilorama!

I've been making fantastic money online as an affiliate since 1999, and AffiloBlueprint is the blueprint I use to build my own affiliate websites.

It's the same system I taught my own father (at age 54) that let him quit his stressful job and retire early. He's earning more today than he did working his "real job"!

You've got an amazing opportunity TODAY to have a look inside my system and try it out, for just $1. This is your chance to see EXACTLY how to do it, and clear up all that confusion you might have right now.

I hope you grab this opportunity with both hands (it's only $1!) and I look forward to seeing you inside!



Everything I needed to know
I attribute most (if not all) of the credit for my website's success to what I was able to learn in AffiloBlueprint. I feel Mark's course gave me everything I needed to know about selling stuff and how to reach people online with it.

Alexander B.

Simple and easy to follow
What I love about AffiloBlueprint is that it's simple, and it's to the point, and easy to follow — even if you're computer shy. It covers everything... from setting up a website, marketing it and increasing conversions. It teaches ethical business practices to please all the search engines, and it's taught by an expert who has seen it all and is willing to share his money-making techniques.

Derek Anchan
Mumbai, India

I'm earning while I sleep!
Now, 10 months after purchasing AffiloBlueprint, I am proud to say I have 6 niche websites and I'm enjoying earning a regular income - whilst I sleep! There are many internet training courses out there who claim to be able to teach you how to make money. I don't think I've met any that stand up to the RESULTS challenge. But I know Mark Ling's Affiloblueprint does!

Jackson Lin


An excellent return on investment
I'm now using what I have learned in AffiloBlueprint to develop a communications strategy and build a new inbound marketing website for a corporate client. The value of my first consulting job in this field has been more than 30 times the original cost of AffiloBlueprint — so all in all, an excellent return on my investment in the course.

Doug Cairns
South Africa

I am seriously impressed
Not only are Mark and his team proactive in keeping up to date and providing helpful material, but they respond to member's needs and requests promptly. The course has given me a clarity I haven't had before. I am seriously impressed with Mark and his team and the AffiloBlueprint course.

Lewis Fly

It's actually the real deal
AffiloBlueprint is actually the real deal. It teaches you from A to Z everything you need to know to become an affiliate marketer and make a consistent money from the web. Having been in internet marketing for over a decade, it's refreshing to find a program that could teach me things I didn't know, and could actually make a huge difference to my results.

George Levy



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