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How to Find Clickbank Products That Sell

How to Find Clickbank Products That Sell

It's been a while since my last blog post unfortunately - but never mind, because today I'm back with a bang! In today's Affilorama blog post we are looking at how to find Clickbank products that sell. Clickbank, the web's premier digital product marketplace, is literally teeming with thousands of different products that you can promote as an eager affiliate marketer. Some products are bad, some are average, and a much smaller selection are actually very good.

Picking the right product on Clickbank can mean the difference between making little or no money, or stuffing your bank account full of cash. This is especially true once you start building up bigger traffic or list numbers - a simple change of product to something that converts even 1% better could result in hundreds, if not thousands of extra dollars a month!

Rather than bore you with the theory of picking Clickbank products that sell, let's work through a practical example!

Head over to the Clickbank Marketplace: (click on any image in this post to open it full-size in a new tab)


From here it's time to select a product category. I'm going to go with health and fitness, because I know there are a lot of products in this niche. I also know that this is a very profitable niche in general. Remember that on Clickbank, "health and fitness" covers a wide variety of products from dieting, weight loss, and muscle gain, through to skin care, eye health, and more.

Clickbank has kindly sorted the products in this category by "popularity". Clickbank determine a product's popularity based on a whole heap of different factors. When it comes to finding Clickbank products that sell, you can usually be pretty sure that a highly popular product is going to sell well (such as "The Truth About Abs" below)

However, the "popularity" rating is a bit too arbitrary for my liking. The most popular product in a category might not necessarily be the biggest seller either. That's why it's better to sort by "gravity" - use the "Sort results by:" function to do this.

Now in case you're wondering, Clickbank's Gravity score is a measure of how many affiliates have made sales of any given product during a set timeframe.

Clickbank themselves provide the following definition:

Number of distinct affiliates who earned a commission by promoting the vendor's products during the past 12 weeks. This is not an actual number of affiliates. For each affiliate an amount between 0.1 and 1.0 is added to the result, depending on when his/her last transaction occurred. More recent transactions are given a higher value.

So The Truth About Abs has a Clickbank Gravity score of 364.67 (at the time of writing) This is a very high gravity score, and means that hundreds of different affiliates are making sales of this product. Obviously it sells very well! However, a gravity score this high means that there will be fierce competition to promote the product. You could also be up against "power affiliates" who can afford to spend lots on PPC, or even give away their own bonuses with a Clickbank product in order to encourage more sales.

I'm not saying that promoting high gravity products is impossible, otherwise they wouldn't be high gravity in the first place! However, unless you have the resources and determination to really promote well then you are better off trying to carve out your slice of a less competitive pie.

Thankfully, the Clickbank Marketplace offers a great little tool for finding Clickbank products that sell well (without too much competition)

It's called the "Filters" tool, and it allows you to filter your search results based on a variety of factors, such as:

  • Product gravity - You can select a minimum and maximum gravity score. In an evergreen niche such as the muscle gain/fat loss example we're using today you would want to avoid any products with a gravity score of less than 20, as this would indicate it's not a highly-converting product. In micro niches, however, you might want to consider low gravity products.
  • Initial $ per sale - How much money you are going to earn up front.
  • Avg Rebill Total - How much, on average, you will earn from any recurring commission products such as upsell newsletters. Remember that not all products offer recurring commissions.
  • Date added to marketplace - Pretty self-explanatory, but shows when the product was added to the Marketplace.

Although I didn't cover every available filter, you should get the picture by now that the "Filters" function is extremely useful.

But anyway, the main thing we want to do is find Clickbank products that sell well. To do this we are going to use the gravity filter to find a list of products that have at least several affiliates making sales, but don't have hundreds of heavy-hitting competitors.

All you need to do is set the minimum Gravity to 20, and the maximum to 99, using the convenient little sliders:

By setting the minimum Gravity to 20 we are basically eliminating any products in the Health & Fitness niche that aren't PROVEN sellers. The last thing you want to do is build up a website full of content that pre-sells a product which doesn't convert! In an evergreen niche there are always going to be loads of products to pick from, so it's really important that you choose a Clickbank product which has a proven track record of selling well.

At the most basic level, this is a very proven way of finding Clickbank products that sell in any given niche. However, it always pays to refine and improve the method a little bit - NOBODY ever regretted spending a few minutes extra on product research. The time you spend now will directly translate into earning more money down the track!

Here's how you can refine your product selection even more with Clickbank:

  • Make sure your product choice is an exact match to your niche. The Health & Fitness niche offers a few brilliant examples of this with the various fat loss, muscle gain, and weight loss programs around. If you run a weight loss website then selling a muscle gain product (even if it's an absolutely awesome product) probably won't net you very high conversions. Why? Because a muscle gain product is likely to be aimed at men looking to bulk up and get stronger, whereas the weight loss niche is largely women looking to lose weight. The closer you can match your choice of product to your niche topic, the better.
  • Ask for review access. Let's say that you find a product which looks really good in terms of sales page and testimonials. It could all be very slick and professional, but you still want to make sure that the product itself is up to scratch. You can't judge a book by its cover, and you can't judge an eBook by its salespage. Therefore, get in contact with the product owner and ask for review access. Don't be demanding or rude, but instead do your best to convince them that you are a serious affiliate, and you want to make sure your customers are being looked after.
  • Scope out the sales page. Don't just pick the first product with a gravity score of 20-99 that looks good and roll with that; make sure you are seriously inspecting every product you consider promoting. Is the pitch page professional, with strong calls to action, good testimonials, and benefit-driven copy that encourages you to purchase? If not, you will probably want to keep looking. My favorite rule of thumb is this - a great sales page will make you feel good, even if you didn't buy.
  • Read honest reviews of products. Although you don't actually own the products you're promoting, if you refer people to junk products your reputation will be harmed (not to mention you'll suffer the cruel fate of Clickbank refund requests) Therefore it pays to seek out honest, unbiased reviews of the products you are planning to promote. Look for discussion boards/forums and blogs that discuss your products in an honest manner. If a product "stinks" don't be afraid to look for an alternative; this could save you a lot of hassle down the track.

That's how to find Clickbank products that sell. However, even more important than picking the right product is choosing a hot niche. If you jump into the right niche then you will never run out of things to promote, and you will make far more money (which is what affiliate marketing is all about, at the end of the day)

So how do you find hot and profitable niches? Luckily for you, Mark has put together an awesome video training report (that also comes with a bonus PDF guide) called 'How to Find Profitable Niches'. In this report he teaches his personal methods for niche research and product selection that have made him a super affiliate - how cool is that?

The best part is that Mark is giving this exclusive video training report away for FREE.  The only catch is that it won't be around forever - in fact, it won't be around for much longer at all. 

Go here to secure your free copy of Mark's exclusive report 'How to Find Profitable Niches'

If you've got any questions about finding profitable products on the Clickbank marketplace (or you'd like to share your own secrets) then leave a comment below!

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  • Reply kevin Victor Odhiambo1164 days ago

    Hello Sam, thanks for the post! Its really powerful, eye-opening and insightful, more so for newbies like me. I like your in-depth analysis of how to cherry-pick converting clickbank products. However, I would like to know how long does it take to get a decent amount of quality-targeted traffic which can translate to a decent income? If I can build my sites ground up and work 5hours minimum how long can I expect to experience decent results? kindly guide me through! Am planning to purchase Affiloblueprint! Thanks a lot, am grateful for your razor-sharp insights.

    Mike • 1161 days ago

    I have a great trick for targeted traffic. There is a product called ClickMillions that is primarily for finding expired domain names for parking, but you can use it to find domains with existing traffic that is related to your product or site. Great way to get lots of views from interested visitors

  • Reply Chris @ NPI • 1159 days ago

    Hi Sam,
    I started using Clickbank some days ago, but till yet I didn't do any in-depth research. You wrote, that gravity beetwen 20-99 is preferable. Is it with all niches, or for each niche we have "best" gravity range?
    BR, Chris

  • Reply Amir Ali Eftekhari1155 days ago

    Hi Sam,
    Thanks for the god information I'm just at the begining of my
    affiliate marketing career and look forward to learn more on this

  • Reply Malinda Ohern1146 days ago

    I just started as well. thank you for the great info

  • Reply salahuddin abdulhadi1138 days ago

    hi,Sam, excellent info.My question is how does a niche differ from a product ? Moreover, if there is a difference,would the gravity numbers remain the same?

  • Reply Mike Wasiukiewicz1130 days ago

    Thanks Sam,

    Great Post!!
    This is the most detailed info on setting up Web 2.0 properties I've read. I've paid for products on this subject before that never went into this much detail.

  • Reply joenie adelina1055 days ago

    "I have a great trick for targeted traffic. There is a product called ClickMillions that is primarily for finding expired domain names for parking, but you can use it to find domains with existing traffic that is related to your product or site. Great way to get lots of views from interested visitors"
    I had really love this one! I went at the same time and try it out!
    Thank you so much!

  • Reply Gilberte G. Dinh • 1046 days ago

    Shades are fantastic! Came very quickly! Good cost will invest in once more. First set of two That i have ever held. Very first time that employing this site.

  • Reply Mosabbir Hossain905 days ago

    Thank you so much for sharing some excellent tips on clickbank product selection. Appreciate it.

  • Reply lexicool • 767 days ago

    I'm building a website based on clickbank products and this post definetly help me!

  • Reply viswa honest raj • 615 days ago

    Most of the suggestions you provided are correct. While reviewing its must for the reviewer to use the product. False reviews won't stand for long as the user is over expected with products and so they will be not satisfied with product use and obviously refund rates will be high.

  • Reply Max Ntella • 600 days ago

    Mike, you are always the best when it comes to teaching internet marketing. I love the way you presented this topic in a professional manner yet easy to understand. There is a lot of misinformation out there. Just can't believe I learnt the true meaning of clickbank gravity from you today. Thanks, keep up the good work.

  • Reply tayyab • 593 days ago

    Very nice Illustration about finding best product.

  • Reply Achmal 414 days ago

    I have seen a couple of CB products that have opt in form after user leaves the website (without making sale but maybe he is researching at this stage and buy later). That means the vendor will be following the customer through emails having his links in the mails and not the affiliate's link who brought the visitor to the product page. My concern is whether to promote such products that have opt ins as it will not be benefiting the affiliate who originally directed the visitor to the product page but the vendor will be stealing the visitor away.

  • Reply eddyuc eddyuc251 days ago

    Thank you Samuel. This post couldn't have come at a better time for me. My interest for Affilojetpack skyrocketed after I read Mark's sales page. It is one of the most explicit and thorough sales pages I ve read, it answered all my questions and doubts about the product.

    Please what's your thought on affiliate location? I am certain what sales in the US right now may not sale in SA.

    Melissa Johnson250 days ago

    Hi, Uche --

    There are definitely some products that sell better in some regions than others (even within the US you'll find variations, I am sure). You need to decide where you want to target your efforts and then create content localized to them. Keyword research is your friend.

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