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Introduction to Affiliate Marketing

New to affiliate marketing? Not sure what it's all about? These lessons will give you an introduction to affiliate marketing, show you what affiliate sites look like, and introduce some of the important concepts of affiliate marketing.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

So you think you want to be an affiliate marketer? Do you have what it takes? In this lesson we give you the no-hype low-down on how affiliate marketing works, 6 great reasons to be an affiliate marketer, how much money you can make and how you can get started today.

Identifying Affiliate Sites


One of the first things you should learn when getting started as an affiliate is how to spot other affiliates. In this lesson we show you how to spot affiliates in action.

How Do They Make Money?


A good way to learn about making money as an affiliate is to look at affiliate sites themselves. In this eye-opening lesson we show you some of their tips and tricks!

Finding Affiliate Programs


In this lesson we give you an introduction to one of the best affiliate networks on the internet, show you how to sign up as an affiliate and how to pick good affiliate programs.

Marketing Without a Website


Want to get a taste for affiliate marketing but don't want to build a website just yet? No problem! In this lesson we show you ways you can get started without having to build a single page.

Affiliate Marketing SEO


Search engine optimization (SEO) is the cornerstone of many affiliates' campaigns, and a really important thing to wrap your head around if you're going to build an affiliate website.

Affiliate Marketing PPC


In this lesson we give you a quick introduction and overview to PPC and teach you how to get visitors to your site. Also discussed are the pros and cons of this method of generating traffic.

Alternative Sources of Traffic


Affiliates often focus on SEO or PPC to get traffic to their websites; however in this lesson we show you some alternatives, and discuss why mixing things up can be a good idea.

12 Tips to Double Productivity


Anyone can become a successful affiliate if you can knuckle down and get the work done. That's why we've created this lesson, packed full of productivity tips to keep you on the straight and narrow.