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10 Alternatives to Clickbank

10 Alternatives to Clickbank

If you've listened to much of my training, when it comes to showing you how to find affiliate products to promote quite often I personally refer to the Clickbank Marketplace. The reason I do this is because Clickbank approves virtually everyone (unless you are from Nigeria or some other country outside their approval zones), and they have an amazing selection of products to promote with high commissions.

The other reasons are because most of the money that I make comes from Clickbank and also because they are extremely reliable with their on time payments, and I've built up a good relationship with them over the years.

However, in this blog post I want to share with you a list of other alternatives for you to consider as I don't want my own bias to prevent you from seeing that there is a whole world of affiliate offers to promote outside of Clickbank.

I think joining all 10 of these will be overkill, but billions of dollars in transactions are being made every year through these other networks, and many have fantastic offers that are not available at clickbank.

I have several affiliate millionaire friends who earn the majority of their income outside of Clickbank, and you may find some of these networks very useful to join.

In no particular order, here they are:

Plimus - Very similar to clickbank but with different offers, easy to get accepted.

Markethealth - Focuses more on health/wellbeing based offers, mostly physical products, easy to get accepted.

Linkshare - Easy to get accepted, great tracking. However often has lower commission rates because merchants have to pay a lot for the use of their service and technology. Payments often take longer than other networks.

As Seen On PC - Relatively easy to get accepted, but prefers if you can show an example website. Great because they have a lot of physical product offerings with solid payouts, which is good for your newsletter sequence if you are looking for more products to promote in a particular list or on your website.

Commission Junction - Easy to get accepted, commissions rates vary wildly, some are good, others are terrible. The interface is a little tricky, but easy when you get the hang of it. Offers a wide variety of offers, some are really well known. Offers product feeds.

Shareasale - Good ever growing selection of offers, not as large as CJ but on average the commissions are much better. Relatively easy to join and to use.

Neverblueads - They prefer intermediate and advanced affiliates to apply here. It would be better to set up and promote a clickbank or other affiliate product first before applying here so you can show an example of your website(s). Make sure you mention you will be sending a lot of ppc traffic (if you will be) as this is a good selling point to get yourself accepted here. Has great affiliate managers.

Azoogle - Similar to Neverblueads in that they prefer intermediate and advanced affiliates. They run regular affiliate contests to spice things up. I haven't used Azoogle much myself yet but I hear good things about their affiliate managers from other affiliate friends of mine.

Affiliate.com - Similar to Neverblueads in that they prefer intermediate and advanced affiliates. Some good CPA offers here, but not a huge variety. That said, some affiliates are making a killing off their top few offers.

Uniqueleads - Prefer intermediate and advanced affiliates, has some great performing offers and is an up and coming affiliate cpa network.

Now there are hundreds more networks than the ones that I've listed above, but they are ones that either I know others are being hugely successful in, or I have met personally with the networks and know of the quality of their organization and offers.

I'm interested in your comments.

All the best,

Mark Ling

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  • Reply john • 1927 days ago

    Very helpful info. Thanks for the share.


  • Reply Kez • 1927 days ago

    I hear Market Health hasn't be paying. IMO should not be on this list.

  • Reply Qasim • 1927 days ago

    Hey Mark
    Thank you very much for the information, it was eye opening I appreciated.
    You take care
    Qasim Sarwary

  • Reply MIKE LARTER • 1927 days ago

    Hi Mark - really enjoy being an Affilorama ezine subscriber - have been cutting back on my emails but don't ever want to miss your content, affiliate product launches, upcoming webinars etc

    TrafficTravis is an awesome free SEO software also and I love the brand name & ease of use

    I am just getting started with CPA and want to know if you rate this method of traffic generation easier and more cost effective for affiliate marketers on a low monthly advertising budget (EG £100 a month) ?

    Also veering off a tangent I could use your help with making the right choice of Auitoresponder for my business as I am torn between four at the moment, TrafficWave, AWeber, GetResponse and AutoResponsePlus (a server side install) but TrafficWave is offering 10 level affiliate commissions where as AWeber only has 1 but their email deliverability is superior people say
    What is your opinion on which autoresponder offers the best all round deal and reliability?

    On the subject of this excellent blog article by the way I highly recommend Clickbank to anyone starting out as an affiliate marketer and I have registered with Plimus too - but my friends use PayDotCom and I think it is easy to create your own affiliate program with them and the ease of use is better than Clickbank but Clickbank offers all the best digital info products from the top super affiliates and product creators so has to be number one for that reason alone.

    Can I also suggest to your readers to have a look at PayDotCom and AffiliateJump (mike Filsaime and Joe Holland - a one stop advice & CPA website where I think you can register via them to get accepted on over 90% of CPA networks)

    Am I also right in thinking that CPA networks are hard to apply for for newbies as don't you have to be getting good solid traffic stats to their affiliate managers?

    Look forward to your next blog post and ezine post!

    Ciao, Mike Larter, United Kingdom

    Skype: mikelarter1
    Pay Me a Visit at: http://www.MikeDJLarter.com

  • Reply Linda Murray1927 days ago

    Hi Mark,
    You've given me a gem in your info & it's a great help to have some positive background info on these sites, without having to jump in the deep end. Saves a lot of time too. Thanks for your help.

  • Reply casper dex • 1927 days ago

    Thank you Mark,
    You given me very good info. thank for sharing and I appreciated.
    but is it this 10 Alternatives to Clickbank suitable to CPA?

  • Reply David • 1927 days ago

    Mark, Good post. I am currently using clickbank and Market Health on my website. I'll give you my impression of them when I make my first sale. There are many affiliate networks available. Also if you find a product on a site that you want to promote that is not in an affiliate network very often you can contact them and make your own affiliate arrangement.

  • Reply Douglas Anderson • 1927 days ago

    EVOBILLY, LEE, ALEX - I would like very much to see your web sites. The first two of you can't even write a coherent sentence with proper punctuation and capitalization, and the last one doesn't know what "lowercase" means. To all 3 of you: when you write an incoherent response, nobody, and I mean nobody, is going to respond in any way to help you.

    MIKE LARTER - I use Aweber and have never had a problem with delivery of e-mails. I do have a problem with their on-screen editor, which I loathe, and with the fact that they do not issue a follow-up e-mail if a person does not click within a reasonable period of time on the "Please confirm" link in the e-mail sent in a double-optin. I have never been able to get their templates to work properly, so I create my HTML e-mails on my own computer and then upload them to Aweber. Then I have to go through and correct the alignment on each paragraph, as their editor has a bug which they have not fixed. I also continually get errors with Aweber and Firefox saying my session has expired; this doesn't happen with IE, nor with any other web site. I have noticed that more and more IM people are sending me stuff via GetResponse, so maybe it's time for me to switch.

    MARK LING - Thanks for being generous with your time and information; much appreciated.

  • Reply Kim • 1927 days ago

    Thank you Mark for sharing more great information on affiliate marketing. I appreciate you offering advice on alternatives to clickbank. Just as in all else affiliate marketing, diversity is what will allow you to succeed when others fail. I look forward to your posts.

  • Reply Richard • 1927 days ago

    Thanks Mark for the 10 alternatives to Clickbank post. Copied all links to data base for reference. Handy reference material. Good on ya mate.

  • Reply sudhan • 1927 days ago

    Thank you for your information

  • Reply Ali • 1927 days ago

    thank you for sharing the info, so what about http://www.1shoppingcart.com?

  • Reply Nelson Tan • 1926 days ago

    Thanks for compiling this great list of affiliate networks, Mark. I like to suggest one alternative which I feel acts closest to ClickBank: Click2Sell

  • Reply Nick Makaryk • 1926 days ago

    Thanks for all the affiliate networks, this is very well appreciated.

    Great to have more than just Clickbank.


  • Reply StephenPierceAffiliates • 1926 days ago

    Great comprehensive list mark.

    Another one which is pretty famous in Europe is click2sell.eu. A sort of clickbank with a "european twist" ;-)


  • Reply Paul • 1926 days ago

    Thanks for the post and the list. ;)

  • Reply Brian Gothard1926 days ago

    Excellent post, Mark. Thanks for the information. I just wanted to throw in my two cents' worth.

    I use LinkShare pretty extensively. Many of their programs provide an RSS feed that is easily incorporated into a WordPress site for automatic updating via readily available plugins. Easy for a less technical person to set up and use. Make sure to subscribe to their Deactivated Advertiser feed, though. They seem to have a few vendors who let their accounts lapse too often for my taste. That means if you send traffic to them during their down time, you do not get paid. Just something to be aware of and watch out for.

    I also use ShareASale. Their data feeds take a little more work, but the vendors are reliable and steady.

    I have a few Commission Junction campaigns running, but mainly when I need a specific, high profile vendor. They handle a lot of large mainstream companies.

  • Reply mac • 1926 days ago

    This is very helpful for me. I can't understand How and why you can share so useful information freely. Keep up the good work!

  • Reply Linda • 1926 days ago

    Thanks for the info Mark, You are one of my favorites!

  • Reply senja • 1926 days ago


    Thank you Mark, I currently using clickbank and cj in my website. Thank for sharing and I certainly will join the ones listed...

  • Reply Nan • 1926 days ago

    Thanks for the info. Just started with CJ. The other info will be very helpful

  • Reply Paul Landry1925 days ago

    Hi Mark Thank for the info. i know you need a domain name and a website but i do not know how to wright content. i'm new a don't know where to start.

    Can You Help Me
    Thank You

  • Reply Viola Olah1925 days ago

    I also use LinkShare and all you mentioned about them is true but they are still a good choice. So far I only made a bit of money through them.

  • Reply william eckard1925 days ago

    Thanks Mark for the info. Let me try and be successful with one avenue first and then I'll tackle these avenues :-) Thanks.

    Paul, you are going to feel overwhelmed because the info that Affilorama is giving us all is overwhelming!

    If you are very new, I suggest you first forget about making money quickly and set yourself up to obtain all the knowledge you can possibly get. All that knowledge is contained in this Affilorama site. Work through the whole site step-by-step, even if it takes you a couple of weeks. The picture will soon become clearer and when you are ready to start the process and you still get stuck, use an appropriate forum to get help. Nobody will laugh at you.

    Also consider signing up for Affiloblueprint or premium membership which will give you more guided and step-by-step instructions and plenty of tools to use. I can assure you it is worth every penny.

    Good luck

  • Reply Gregory Parke • 1925 days ago

    Is paydotcom.com any good?

  • Reply Don Bengert • 1924 days ago

    Good stuff Mark...as usual. I get alot of great advice from your emails and am implementing it into my campaign. Once the dollars roll in, Afillorama is the place to be. Thanx again, Don

  • Reply Nickolove Lovemore • 1891 days ago

    Thanks, Mark. I didn't know about several of these Clickbank alternatives. Another site to add to this list is RapBank. It's free to sign up, there's a lot of flexibility regarding how you can select products to promote and a major benefit is that it pays instant commissions.

  • Reply Vojislav Gligorijevic • 1852 days ago

    And my suggestion is to add another site RapBank on this list is a free application and flexibility.

  • Reply Sandra Johnson1840 days ago

    Thanks Mark I am new at this But the information look very helpful I will surely try some of these links

  • Reply Paul Hooper | Consumer Wealth System • 1774 days ago

    Thanks for posting these alternate sites Mark. I think everyone starts out using Clickbank, but if you want to get serious about your affiliate marketing then you really need to branch out and find other products to promote that aren't being hammered by the mainstream on Clickbank.

    For me CJ and ShareASale are great places to find products to promote. But I will now also have a look at some of the other places mentioned in this post.

  • Reply Dave • 1758 days ago

    Great share on info, sure to be useful for most affilliates and newbies.
    Thanks dude.

  • Reply Trey • 1728 days ago

    Thanks Mark for the info. I believe there is enough for all of us to ge a piece of the pie. Like many, I am very new at affiliate marketing. I don't have to earn millions, but would like to earn eanough to make a living. I appreciate you sharing knowledge to help us be successful. I will keep this post in my back pocket as I make progress.

  • Reply sue sebastian1579 days ago

    Great tips! Thanks ...so much to learn ...it is hard to know where to start and what to work on.

  • Reply Sid Vixay • 1567 days ago

    This is great tip, especially Market Health website site. Thanks for sharing.

  • Reply Debbie Towler1553 days ago

    Hi, I am a complete novice when it comes to this, do I have to set up a website to promote a product with clickbank or any others?

  • Reply anonymous • 1460 days ago

    It would be good to know also which affiliate programs offer payment through Paypal. Since some of the the affiliates live outside US. Cheques take long to process and some are not processed at all because of issues.

    That aside, great list and thanks for the advice. :D

  • Reply andre • 1277 days ago

    Thank You for the information it really helps out a lot.

  • Reply harjit singh1256 days ago

    Thanks Marks providing these places of business-making. I am going to join Linkshare as listed by you and suggested by others, I mean your listing has one kind of authentication that these business places can be satisfactory.


  • Reply Afiliados Top • 1216 days ago

    Thanks for the info.
    I use Clickbank, but I want to expand to other options.

  • Reply Bill Nieporte1206 days ago

    Thanks for much for the information. I use Plimus and Clickbank - paypal occassionally. It is very helpful to find the information about these alternative affiliate processors.

  • Reply Robert McLean1194 days ago

    I own over 1000 domain and have working to try to develop a domain buying and selling business for 3 years now. I have come to the realization that website development is the next step.

    I have for sites, relatively professional that I have published and have started ClickBank on one of them.

    Not a sniff. Nothing. Not one sale. I am beginning to think that this "affiliate market" promise is another hoax perpetuated by the few savvy, first to the trough marketers.

    I called Click Bank several times and each time I am more disappointed that the time before.

    I repeatedly ask the question, "Are there any sites owned by successful Affiliate Marketers that I may go to to see what works regarding text and page layout with ClickBank Affiliate Product Ads?"

    Each time I get the response, "I don't know, we don't track the successful sites."

    I then have asked the question, "Do you have record of some of the very successful Vendors and Affiliates?" and "Are there some Affiliates and Vendors that are very successful?"

    Then, is there examples of how there have become successful?

    Again, no.

    Very strange.

    This evening I typed into the Google Search Bar "example websites of click bank affiliate websites."

    What is given is page after page of sites offering to sell you a "Sure Fired" 47 or 29 site affiliate package that will net six figure passive income annually.

    Just Hype and Buullshiit.


    Robert McLean

  • Reply apcrepairz • 1150 days ago

    I just created an ebook for my websitte and i want a place to sell it, thanks.Nice Share

  • Reply Adam • 986 days ago

    Thnx alot, this post was really useful to me.

  • Reply Robert Kilonzo671 days ago

    Great list of affiliate networks. If you are interested in creating your own in-house affiliate program you can check out OSI Affiliate Software. It is an easy affiliate software that can help you run your own in-house affiliate program.

  • Reply Elinor Salsborn601 days ago

    Hello Mark! I'd like to add Clickbroker.com as a great alternative to Clickbank. All products found on the Marketplace are digital information products created by our fantastic community. These products are usually e-books, how-to guides, graphics and video tutorials. As an affiliate you get paid up to 75 % of every sale generated by your visitors.

  • Reply Jazz Mian595 days ago

    Good info. I'm getting started with CJ and ASOPC first. Thumbs up.

    Learn to Affiliate, Learn to Earn

  • Reply Yons • 572 days ago

    I have get started with JVzoo
    Its very similar to clickbank

  • Reply Angelique Berger566 days ago

    Hi Mark, question, which of these affiliate companies offers AWeber?

    Vivian • 544 days ago

    Aweber has it's own affiliate program. In order to particpate you must have an aweber account. Once in your aweber account, you can complete the affiliate process directly with the. hope that helps. :-)

  • Reply james • 499 days ago

    Plimus doesn't exist anymore ??

  • Reply Melissa Johnson483 days ago

    James -- Plimus has changed its name to Bluesnap as part of a rebranding effort, it seems.

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