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What's in the Affilorama VIP Package?

Affilorama Outsourcing Blueprint

Sooner or later you should consider outsourcing much of your affiliate business as that is the ultimate way to ramp up your business to the next level.

There is only one of you, and you don't want your business to have to rely on you putting in the hard yards for it to move forward. A truly successful business not only makes money while you sleep, it actually keeps moving ahead and growing too.

Inside this critical module, you'll discover my secrets to outsourcing success... And you'll also be able to use my staff training videos to train your outsource workers to be able to perform a variety of tasks for you including link building, article rewriting, social bookmarking, installing Wordpress and more.


10 High Quality PLR Packs

(10 x 30 = 300 Articles)

I've employed some top level copywriters to create these incredibly high quality PLR packs. These are a cut above usual PLR quality and you can use them for anything - website content, newsletters, emails, and article marketing.








15,000 Medium Quality PLR Articles

A massive collection of standard quality PLR articles on a massive array of topics - ideal for article marketing and newsletter series.









You also get...

The Complete AffiloBlueprint Course (Usually retails at $197)



The complete, 12 week, step by step training course that covers every step to making a profitable niche affiliate site, from finding profitable niches and doing keyword research, to building a website, optimizing for SEO, monetization and ramping up traffic with PPC.

What's in AffiloBlueprint?


  • A comprehensive proven step-by-step, piece-by-piece guide to creating, driving traffic to, and monetizing, affiliate minisites.
  • A perfect duplicate and repeat system that you can use again and again in any niche. Just keep repeating it until you're earning as much as you need!
  • 12 weeks of lessons. Each week builds on the last week, with easily-digested bite-sized videos showing you how to achieve each little step. Note: Some people complete the course faster than 12 weeks, it depends on how much time you have available.
  • Over 17 hours of video instruction, spread over 55 videos. With an average length of around 20 minutes, videos are long enough to provide depth, but not so long to be overwhelming! Each video shows you how to achieve one goal for that week.
  • Private AffiloBlueprint members-only forum where you can ask questions and get help.
  • Videos can be watched online or downloaded to your computer or mobile device for future reference.
  • Written lesson notes to accompany each lesson, so you can download them and read them on the go.
  • Homework each week so you know exactly what you should be achieving at every stage. All you have to do is the homework! You don't need to worry about anything else!
  • I clearly tell you which tasks are VITAL and which tasks are OPTIONAL, meaning that you're not wasting your time on non-essential tasks. (But you've got something to do if you finish early!)
  • My specially-designed WordPress theme and accompanying videos to allow you to quickly and easily set up an affiliate site – without buying any extra web design software!
  • My lessons cover everything you need to know without overloading you with unnecessary information. If I don't cover it... you don't need to know it!
  • My solid pay-per-click component for people who want to take it to the next level. This is how other members have been ramping up their websites into the thousands per month!



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