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Best WordPress Membership Plugin

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Best WordPress Membership Plugin

Hi Guys,

I hope you are doing great.

I would love to include some form of membership on my site.

Which is the best membership plugin for WordPress?

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It's depend on your need. What are the features that you need for your membership?

You can get a simple to use script that fulfill most of your need. Or you get a complicated one that provide you more than what your needs.

Start by drafting out what you needs.

Try not to get a complicated script that seems to provide you with wonders (unless you are techie enough), but it so difficult to manage, especially when it comes to upgrades. Technically speaking, the more complex a script is, the more bugs it will most likely to have.
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Hi akowally,

Yes, Johnny is right. You need to check first the plugin that provides what you need. There are a lot of membership plugins for WordPress and to narrow down your choices, better list down the features you want for your site and pick the ones (in the plugin list) that support your needs. It is also helpful to read the reviews of each plugin for extra information.

I hope that helps!

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Thanks Mary and Johny.

Let me check a couple of them against my needs.

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This is something that I have researched several times over the past few years and Wishlist wins by far, being the most complete, professional, good support and options for integration with other systems and scalability for accepting payments for different membership levels, content delivery and more.
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Sorry this is so late but I have a lot of experience with membership sites. Two of the biggest names in Wordpress membership themes at the moment are Optimizepress and Profitstheme. I've used both.

The current version of Optimizepress uses a member plugin called s2member which needs a business Paypal account to work correctly. s2 member is fairly complex to setup esp from a newbies point of view. That's why I prefer Profitstheme. Everything is inbuilt and it's automatic. It also takes care of protecting your membership site from outside intrusions unlike Optimizepress. IMHO Profitstheme is easier to use and protects your content out of the box, unlike other solutions.

Wishlist is great but very expensive. And if your learn to use Profits Theme properly I'm confident it will serve your purposes well and save you hundreds of dollars.
Hope this helps!
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Hey guys,

Would like to add http://DigitalAccessPass.com (DAP) to the mix here.

Disclosure: I'm the co-founder/co-developer of DAP. But that shouldn't take away from you considering DAP during your research of membership plugins.

DAP just recently (on October 10, 2013) completed 5 years of being in existence. And we've got a number of people who recently paid renewal fees for the next 10 years upfront.

That just shows the confidence in our software and support that our users have. Just see our birthday post on our blog to see what our users think of us.

So, regardless of whether you end up going with DAP or not, you definitely owe it to yourself - and your membership site - to seriously consider DAP in your research.

Thanks! :-)

- Ravi Jayagopal
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I use Digital Access Pass. The software works great and they are always there to help.
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You can use Magic Members plugin. Because Magic Members is very popular membership plugin, mostly because of many updates which come out very often and make plugin better and better every time.
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