Outsourcing your SEO Webinar with Daniel Turner

In this webinar Daniel shared precisely how he goes about automating every part of his  business (SEO, Graphic Design, Article Writing, Support and so forth).The webinar covers different aspects of outsourcing:

* Where to go to hire the best staff for each different type of activity, whether this be for one off small projects or for regular ongoing work.
* How to outsource your search engine optimization.
* The critical checklist you MUST follow when hiring people for small projects (ie $200 or less). Miss any of these and you risk
getting a job done poorly.
* How to spot from a mile a away the fraudsters, cowboys and low lifes who are there to rip you off and do absolutely no work at all - the scary thing is there are more people like this than you think!
* Essential link building tasks for your seo staff
* The key factors and SEO methods that are proven and guaranteed to get first page positions for virtually any keyword - these are the same methods that clients pay them up to 10k a month to implement
* The 2 key elements that you MUST have for outsourcing SEO, if you fail in these 2 key elements you will NOT achieve the results you expect
* Where to hire full time employees from for only a few dollars an hour (and yet they are super high quality, speak great english and are very loyal!)
* The 2 guaranteed methods to get a good result in any outsourcing process you go through - Warning: If you miss these two methods you have failed before you even started.
* Plus lots more essential outsourcing secrets.


Title: Outsourcing your SEO Webinar with Daniel Turner