I'm Going to Reveal How You Can Have REAL "Money-Magnet" Sites Up and Running
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You're About To Discover My PROVEN Copy and Paste System + Push Button Software For Building High Quality "Money Magnet" Websites, Similar To The Ones That Make Me A Fulltime Income Online

The best part is that even if you've struggled to make money online in the past, this system makes it so easy...
...You'll have your first "Money Magnet" site up and running in less than 4 hours!

...And the Best Part Is...

  • All the research has been DONE for you
  • 1 FULL year of professionally written emails DONE for you
  • Free reports DONE for you
  • Articles DONE for you
  • Website Templates DONE for you
  • One-Click Hosting DONE for you

If you can follow some simple instructions, stay focused and copy and paste then you have everything you need to be successful!

From the desk of Mark Ling,
Tuesday 4:27pm

Dear Friend,

"Imagine using the SAME kind of websites I use to make me a fulltime income online!"

Now imagine having most of the work all done for you and simply plugging in these simple money magnets that make you automatic money 24/7.

And if you are already making money online, then you're about to skyrocket your online income even further...

Don't worry what I'm about to share with you is...

  • NOT a new, long-winded training course that takes too long to action
  • NOT some "new take" on the same "old ideas"
  • NOT some "nifty new toy" that will speed things up only a tiny fraction

... that's all stuff that is sometimes beneficial, but more often than not turns out to confuse you, irritate you and keep you from making the real money you deserve. In fact, what's worse is that often you may find products out there that contain such bad information that the only person making money from them is the so-called "guru" selling it to you.

If you are ready to leave that nonsense behind, the first thing you need to do is make sure you read every word in this letter.

It's filled with the real and valuable information you need right now to finally turn the tables on the online money-making game it's time for you to stop paying and start earning!

Hey, I know what you're feeling. I've been where you are. That's why I know that sometimes...

Making REAL money online almost
feels impossible, doesn't it?

So, let me get right to it...

For the past four years, I've been teaching people like you how to bust out of their 9 to 5 job and earn a great living online...

But I'm not one of those so-called "gurus" who promotes a system he's never even tried.

  • See, I've actually been practicing my own system for the past 11 years, starting when I was in college. In my first 12 months alone, I got myself earning over $3,000 per week and now 11 years later I'm earning an ever-growing 7 figure income.
  • For the first 7 years I flew under the radar. I wasn't bragging about how much I earned or trying to sell my "system" or myself. I was simply using it to write myself huge paychecks and travel the world.
  • It didn't much matter to me what anybody else was doing. And, at the time, the idea of teaching others wasn't a priority for me. I was just making tons of money and living the life I'd always wanted.

But four years ago that all changed.

At that time, I got so frustrated with the amount of hype and unproven systems being sold online that I started coaching students myself. I was tired of seeing hard working people like you not being able to make money online. They tried and they tried, but they just didn't have the right tools, information or know-how to really succeed.

  • That's why I began sharing everything I'd learned over the previous seven years...
  • I even taught my own father how to earn enough money online so that he could quit his stressful job and retire on a six-figure income.

So, here I was exposing my proven system every step of it and as a result a lot of people have done extremely well out of it.

However... I learned one big lesson from teaching other people how to build these kinds of super affiliate money magnets'...

...I learned that no matter how good my system is, no matter how much money people can make if they take action, there are always going to be people who just can't bring themselves to follow through on this properly because they can't stand writing content, or they can't produce content in a manner that leads to a high conversion rate of visitors to sales.

It is understandable why this happens, writing content does take a lot of time. Especially if the content is to be so good that people actually want to keep returning to your website, or keep reading your newsletter followup series that you email out.

Yes you can pay others to do it for you, but good quality writers are expensive.

So what I've done is I've come up
with the Ultimate Solution ...

First I want you to know that:

  • I'm NOT just going to show you how to do it anymore.
  • I'm NOT only going to tell you what to do and leave it there
  • I'm going to provide you with most of the work done for you so you can get your first true Money Magnet' website online in less than 4 hours!

As far as I know, this is unlike anything else anybody is offering.

This is truly all-in-one like you've never experienced before:

  • The fastest way to start making money online...
  • The proven system that will run almost on autopilot, allowing you to cash in from anywhere in the world, at any time, and will keep working even if you don't touch it for months...
  • An ALMOST 100% "turnkey" solution that still allows enough flexibility to keep it from being "cookie cutter", so you can grow and grow your earnings...

If this sounds appealing to you (and why the heck wouldn't it?), then I encourage you to do the smart thing and keep reading...

Here's how to make REAL money online...
the simple truth will surprise you!

If you want to make real money online, you need to get personal.

You need to virtually get into the homes of your prospects. Sit on their couches. Chat em up. Land in their email inboxes frequently. Listen to their problems and give them real solutions.

That's because someone who knows you and trusts you is more likely to buy from you than someone who doesn't know you.

  • This isn't just a good-sounding "idea". Countless studies have shown that a "warm lead" is ten times more likely to buy from you than a "cold lead".
  • ...You get warm leads by doing the work to establish a good connection with them, and building a relationship of trust...

And, therein lies the rub...

The problem is that it takes a lot of TIME and EFFORT to turn someone from a "cold lead" into someone who knows you and trusts your opinion.

But when you're talking about the Internet... time is something you don't have.

  • People breeze through a website with the attention spans of goldfish, and never return.
  • For all the effort you put into building a website, a visitor might only stay for ten seconds before you lose them forever.
  • Kind of hard to build a relationship in seconds, right?

So, how do you crack this impossible nut?

How do you build the relationship that will get you the sales?

The way to make 10 times the
profit is super-simple...

Thankfully, there is, in fact, a proven way to build long-term relationships online.

You simply collect people's names and email addresses and add them to a "newsletter" list, then you contact them again when you want to start building your relationship.

But there's an even more elegant system than this...

What I do is put together something called a "follow-up series". Without getting too fancy with the description of what this is... it's basically a whole lot of emails.

I feed these into a thing called an "auto-responder" which automatically sends the emails out to people who sign up for my list.

So it doesn't matter whether someone joins now, or six months from now. They get the same full series of emails, all drip fed automatically.


These emails build your relationship, one at a time.

I call them the "prospect pleasing machine" because these emails will make them LOVE you.


If you've done it the right way, you've created an email series that's full of useful, high-quality information on topics that fascinate your readers, and provide them with solutions to their pains, which they will love you for! Not just sales pitches. Not nasty stuff copied from Wikipedia or online article directories.

If you want to succeed in building valuable relationships with your prospects, these emails must be absolutely top notch, or this whole system fails.

In amongst these emails you will also have "hard sell" sales pitches for products. The timing of these is important, because you need to have built that great relationship up enough before you ask them for money.

You wouldn't propose marriage after a one night stand, would you? The same goes here. You have to wine and dine your list for a while before they'll feel comfortable opening up to you.

Over time, your list will usually come to earn you between $5 - $15 per subscriber, per year. That doesn't sound like much, but if you had 5000 subscribers, that's potentially up to $75,000 extra in your back pocket each year (and a whole lot more if you can get even more subscribers).

And may I remind you, this happens pretty much on auto-pilot because once you've created the auto responder series, the emails go out automatically. Almost like magic!

"But, I don't know 5,000 people! How can I possibly hope to make this work?"

You might be wondering how to get those 5000 subscribers.

Well... as any guru will tell you, it's DEAD EASY if you provide the right bait.

Offer people something really great... for FREE. All they have to do to get it is enter their name and email address, and you'll send it to them immediately.

Make it a free report on a topic close to their hearts... If they're having problems training their dog, offer them a 20-page, informative guide on how to become the "Alpha Dog".

They'll lap that up!

  • The goal of this is to get people on your list, but it's also the beginning of your relationship. So this report needs to be GOOD. Not just some book of scraped-together content.
  • Most gurus will invest a lot of time and money into creating their free guide, because they KNOW how much it will be worth to them over the years (Tens of thousands of dollars per year, in fact!)
  • This isn't the place for penny pinching if you really want to create loyal customers.
  • When you put your free report into your site, it's like a MONEY MAGNET. It will DRAW people to your list, so that they're falling over each other to sign up.

With a great money magnet in place, 5000 subscribers is child's play.

Think about how much money you could make with 10,000, 15,000, or more... heck with 25,000 subscribers paying you $15 a year, you're looking at $375,000... you'll need a much bigger back pocket to carry that kind of cash around!

Right about now you should be asking yourself...

So, if it's really that simple,
why don't most people do this?

Let me quickly outline what I just explained above...

All you really need to do to start making proven money online is:

  1. 1. Create a website where people opt-in to get really well put together freebies (reports, eBooks, software) in their area of interest.
  2. 2. Deliver the freebie and make sure it gives MORE than promised.
  3. 3. Create a series of high-quality emails that have "hard sell" offers built in the right places once you've developed a great trusting relationship with your prospect.
  4. 4. Set it all on autopilot and watch the cash stream in.

"So, Mark, if this system works so well, why don't people do it?"

The simple but painful fact is that it costs a lot of money to put together a "money machine" like this.

For the autoresponder series alone, it can cost you upwards of $1,000 for a year's worth of high-quality emails written.

Successful affiliates who are already making good money online have no problems forking over money for this kind of thing... especially since they know the Return On Investment (ROI) is super high.

They KNOW what it's worth to them, and $1,000 is a small investment. Heck, $5,000 is a small investment when the payoff is this huge.

But when you're new to online marketing, you don't have this kind of money to throw around, do you?

And, it's not just money... you don't have enough CONFIDENCE in the system to spend this kind of money on it.

Investing in yourself can be really, really scary... especially if you've been burned before

If I've seen it once, I've seen it a thousand times...

Newbies (and experienced marketers too) are scared to front that kind of cash.

So, you fall into the trap of "waiting" until your site starts making money first.

"THEN" you'll do it. Then, you'll spend the money. Then, you'll invest in your success.

But, then, it's already too late.

Trying to earn good money without this system is like scrabbling in the gutter for loose change and trying to buy a Lamborghini.

You can be there a LONG TIME waiting.

And eventually you stop waiting and just give up. Then everything has been for nothing. It's a poverty trap. Once you're in it, you can't get out.

  • You can't afford the things you need to make good money online.
  • But without earning good money online, you can't afford the things you need.

It's a vicious endless cycle... and you feel more and more trapped with every passing day!

But, that's what I'm going to fix right now...

Introducing AffiloJetpack The Fastest Path To Your Huge Payday!

With AffiloJetpack, you'll be handed a complete system with all the content and marketing and copy already done for you

Each Jetpack contains everything you need to make it online.

Take a look at each of the four main components that combine to create a no-fail system for success:

Component 1

The bait you need...


Each Jetpack contains not just one, but THREE top-quality "Free reports" you will use to lure in and hook subscribers.

Make yourself IRRESISTIBLE by offering a SUPERB "Free report" to subscribers. With this in place they will be DEMANDING to be let onto your list!

When you have the right bait, they'll bite and bite and bite... so you'll have them right where you want: Satisfied by what you've given them for free and ready to hear from you again.

That's where the next module comes into play...

Component 2

The email newsletters you need...


Once you have them "on the line," it's time to reel them in by building a trusting, loyal relationship. This is what will transform your prospects into lifelong customers who will buy from you over and over again.

To make this happen, you can't just send any ol' emails. You need the highest quality emails that are filled with valuable content they can use.

You need to demonstrate to your subscribers that you are serious about giving them the competitive edge.

Each Jetpack contains:

  • Over 100 emails carefully crafted into a 1 year auto responder series, which includes a mix of several 'hard sell' emails and 75 top-quality content-based emails.

    Don't get stuck with POOR QUALITY emails that will KILL your relationship with your list. I've gone to great effort to ensure these are the HIGHEST POSSIBLE QUALITY so your list will TRULY love you.
  • At least 10 guaranteed-to-convert emails written by me personally... these are the hard sell offer emails you need to turn your new friends into paying clients!

    Don't fail at the last moment... you need take-no-prisoners hard-sell emails that CONVERT, otherwise your subscribers will love you... but you won't see any money. Get your hard-sell emails written by someone who earns a 7-figure income doing this for himself!
  • Just add your own name and affiliate link and they're ready to go...

Now, you're ready for your website... yep, a website of your very own!

Component 3

A totally customizable website...


But that's not all.

To make this work you need a "foundation" website.

What I usually see is affiliates spending so much time laying their foundation that they never get around to building the money machine.

Not in your case, because I've taken care of it all with my purpose-built push button software.

With each Jetpack you will:

  • Stop wasting weeks learning how to build a website. In FIVE SECONDS you can have a professional looking site online and ready for you to start adding the content.
  • Forget hiring someone to create graphics for you, or wasting time trying to learn a paint program. Each pack comes with professionally designed graphics and layout.
  • Easily tweak your website to look unique with our custom-built Wordpress theme. No need to learn HTML, CSS or PHP, or hire a professional to make changes -- this is designed to be completely newbie friendly.
  • Not have to worry about installing Wordpress or setting up web hosting. We'll provide one year's free hosting and one-click instant setup on our purpose-built platform. Getting a website up has never been this easy.
  • Forget outsourcing article writing for your website... I'll give you all the articles you need to attract visitors to your site.

With this one component of Jetpack alone you get:

  1. 1. Easy website building system with our custom Wordpress theme. ($97 value)
  2. 2. 1 year one-click hosting and installation with our own purpose-built hosting platform. ($120 value)
  3. 3. 20 Top quality articles for your website ($400 value)
  4. 4. 3 x Professionally designed header graphics and layouts for your site ($150 value)

Once you have the free reports, the emails, and your site... there's only one thing left you need for success...

I'll give you full training in how to
drive traffic to your websites too!

There's one important part missing from the machine at the moment;

The prospects themselves!

You need to get the prospects to your squeeze page where they can give you their email address and start reading your autoresponder newsletters.

Traffic generation comes in many forms. Most of the time, you hear only of search engine optimization (Google or Yahoo!) or paid search (AdWords).

These are the two most common ways to get people to visit your site, but they are not the only ways.

When you're just getting started, you'll especially need to consider other marketing methods that require less cash up front.

But what are those "methods"? How can you use the search engines to your benefit?

How do you drive guaranteed traffic to your site?

  • This is the place where you're often left on your own to figure out how to get people to see your little spot on the web.
  • That's not going to happen here.

I'm not going to get you this far and then abandon you.

I'm not going to take any chances. I'm not going to let you fail at this very last (but so important) point.

That's why with every Jetpack, you're also going to get:

Component 4

Traffic-Generating Strategies for success...


To make sure you have no chance of failing, I'm also going to provide a full training regime to help you generate traffic from as many sources as possible, as quickly as possible.

I don't leave anything up to chance.

You will get your hands on the most effective, highest performing and most proven traffic driving techniques, tips, methods and strategies to assure that your site is bombarded with visitors!

Then, all you have to do is "set it and forget it" and watch the success start rolling in!

Look, desperate times call for desperate measures and I'll do anything and everything I must to make sure you start making the money you deserve...

Including revealing some strategies that I've never taught before because they're in the "gray" zone (these'll blow your mind because they're so surgically precise and dangerously successful!)

If you can do the following six things,
a Jetpack is right for you

I think it should be obvious to you now that I want you to succeed.

I've done 80% of the work, but if you want this to be successful you have to commit to the remaining 20%.

Specifically there are six things you need to do yourself. If you can do these, you can make this work without any problem.

I don't want to hide anything from you. I don't want you to sign up and then find out that you can't do one of these six things.

So, here they are:

  1. 1. Can you purchase your own domain name? This will cost you about $10 per year.
  2. 2. Can you copy and paste articles into your own site? It'll take you about an hour. Can you reword them to make them unique for the search engines?
  3. 3. Can you follow instructions and sign up for an autoresponder service (I'll recommend some) to insert the emails? I'll show you how to do all this. It's also just copying and pasting.
  4. 4. Can you follow some instructions to do some tweaks to Wordpress? Don't worry, you don't need any programming or web design skills.
  5. 5. Can you set aside time each day for generating traffic to your pages in the initial stages using the methods I'm going to teach you?
  6. 6. Can you stay focused for the short time it takes to get this set up? This means no running around chasing every great opportunity that arrives in your inbox.

If you can commit to these six things, then I think it would be very hard for you to fail with this system. Like I've said, I've really left nothing to chance.

5 great reasons to grab your Jetpack today!

You've read all about this no-fail system... but just in case you need any more convincing that it's the right one for you, here are five quick reasons why you need a Jetpack to turbocharge your online profit potential...

  1. 1. It's all-in-one. It's all there for you. You just copy and paste, click it and forget it. All the rest has been done for you.
  2. 2. It's so simple. This really is a step-by-step program. If you can do the six things listed above, you can make this program work. No ifs, ands or buts!
  3. 3. It's proven. I've used this exact same system for profit generation for years. It earns me a seven figure income. Can I say that it'll do the same for you? Legally, I can't. But, since there's no risk to you, why wouldn't you want to find out?
  4. 4. It's guaranteed. With my crazy, but rock-solid guarantee, I put my money where my system is. Take 60 days to really give it a good workout. If you show me that you've followed my system to the T and you're not earning money by then,I'll pay you a hundred bucks, plus give you a full refund. That's how confident I am in it, so you know it must be good!
  5. 5. It's life-changing. You've spent so much of your time, money and effort to make money online. How's that worked out for you so far? ...That's what I thought.

    This one product works like clockwork. It's ridiculously easy. I've done all the hard (and expensive) work for you.

    With one Jetpack alone, your entire life could change for the better. Imagine what a relief it would be to finally find something that really works. Now, imagine the life you could finally have... you know, the one you've always dreamed about and have worked so hard to make happen: Now, a reality!

So, now you have to look yourself in the mirror and determine...

How much is success worth to you?

Okay, this is where the rubber starts to meet the road...

This is the time when you have to look yourself in the eye and determine how much success is worth to you.

Right now is the time when you need to draw a line in the sand. To tell yourself and the world that you're not interested in settling for second best anymore. You're not going to fail anymore. You're not going to waste your time and money on stuff that just doesn't work.

You need to take a look at the facts and see for yourself why this is so right for you:

1. I've done all the market research, so you just choose a niche from the 11 sizzling niches I've hand-picked...

You'll get off the ground with a high-performing niche HAND-PICKED by me and KNOWN to be great for affiliates. Use my personal experience and industry knowledge to get the insider tips on niches that are HOT in topics covering wealth, personal development and hobbies.

($300 value)

2. Over 75 top-quality "informational" emails to help you build a strong relationship with your list.

($1300 value)

3. At least 20 high quality written-to-convert hard sell emails written by me personally.

($2000 value)

4. PLUS I'll give you not just one, but THREE top-quality "Free reports".

($600 value)

5. Easy website building system with our custom Wordpress theme.

($97 value)

6. 1 year one-click hosting and installation with our own purpose-built hosting platform.

($120 value)

7. 20 Top quality articles for your website.

($600 value)

8. 3 x Professionally designed header graphics and layouts for your site.

($150 value)

9. Traffic Strategies training.

($997 value)

That's over $5864 value PER JETPACK.

HOWEVER... the secret to this is knowing that this is SCIENCE and not just a FLUKE, so...

I'm not just giving you ONE...
You'll get

That's FIVE websites you can have up and running in a weekend.

If you did this by yourself, that could be a whole year's worth of struggle...

If you did this by yourself it would easily cost you over $20,000....

If I was offering you AffiloJetpack for $5000, it would be good value. It would be good value because you wouldn't have to spend this incredible amount of time putting all this together.

  • I've spent the past nine months picking niches, researching topics, recruiting writers, coaching them, proofing their work and writing promotional emails for you to use.
  • I've spent weeks going backwards and forwards with my designers creating these professional website designs.
  • I've had my programmers working to make the hosting solution as foolproof as possible.

In short, I've spent a LOT of time and money putting this together, and I've done it so that you can start making REAL money as SOON AS POSSIBLE.

But I'm not going to charge $5000 for AffiloJetpack.

Not even half that. Not even $2000! And before I tell you the low investment in this limited time offer, I also wanted to share this about my unparalleled guarantee... you see... you can try this in full for 60 days, and if you're not 100% satisfied I will refund every penny AND pay you $100 in CASH!

Nobody else would do this for you... because nobody else is as confident in their programs as I am with AffiloJetpack. I KNOW you can make real money with this program if you follow my simple instructions. So... how much for all this?.....

I'm going to give you absolutely everything you need to get your whole online business up and running TODAY for just $997 $497.

And, I'm going to give you a guarantee on that investment that you've never seen anywhere before now...

Your Money Back Plus $100 Gurantee

If this doesn't work for you, I'll give you your money back PLUS $100 out of my own pocket

I am so confident that my Jetpacks are going to FORCE you to make great money online, I'm going to give you TWO guarantees.

Guarantee #1: Your Money Back

If you don't like AffiloJetpack for any reason whatsoever, simply send us an email within 60 days and we'll refund your purchase.

Guarantee #2: The $100 Total System Failure Guarantee

I am 99% certain that if you follow this system to the letter and do exactly as I tell you, you WILL start making great money online within 60 days.

If you do EXACTLY as I tell you and you STILL don't see good results within 60 days, then not only will I refund your money, but I'll reach into my pocket and give you $100 of my own cash, just to say "sorry for wasting your time."

The catch is that I will ask you to prove that you've REALLY tried my strategies and given them a fair go. I think that's only fair, don't you?

What do you have to lose? Nothing, really, and you could even gain $100 for your time!

We're offering some incredible bonuses...

Two HUGE Mega-Bonuses Valued At
Over $1294... Absolutely FREE!

That's right when you act now and reserve your five Jetpacks each one guaranteed to turn up the volume on your profits you'll also receive as my special gift to you these TWO incredible bonuses worth a stunning $1294.

Check these out!

Bonus #1:
AffiloJetpack Site Building Bootcamp
($997 Value)

For some people seeing is believing, so with that in mind, in this 3-part online bootcamp, you'll get to watch me build an AffiloJetpack from scratch.

You'll see me market this Jetpack website online using free traffic.

You'll see me getting options.

AND most importantly...

There is NO WAY that I could run this bootcamp if I doubted for a moment that AffiloJetpack is a fool proof system for making money.

Bonus #2:
Millionaire Mindset Upgrade ($297 Value)

I have had numerous students whom I've seen that their biggest flaw is their mindset, which encompasses many things including their own self belief, the level of internal drive and motivation that they possess, and their overall understanding about wealth and how it is generated.

Anyone who adopts and lives the million dollar mindset will get incredibly rich. It's only a matter of time, you can't help but have this happen.

So with that in mind, I've created a revealing Millionaire Mindset upgrade video which walks you through the mindset of a Millionaire, how I think, what I do to upgrade my mind on a daily basis.

Now it is true that not every Millionaire has a million dollar mindset (some people come across money by luck). But everyone who lives and practices what I teach here will sooner or later become very wealthy.

If you aren't rich right now then I can almost guarantee that on some level your mindset needs work and this may just be the biggest breakthrough that you've ever had.

This video is your personal blueprint for prosperity.

You definitely don't want to miss out on these amazing bonuses.

They'll help you take your game to an entirely new level... a level that you couldn't have even dreamed was possible a few short moments ago!

So, what's it going to be?


YES, Mark, I want AffiloJetpack NOW!


I'm Finally Ready To Stop Wasting My Time And
Begin Making Money Online Right Now!

I Need To Get The Most Effective System Ever Created For Success And Magnetically Attracting Cash!

I understand that by saying YES, I'll be one of the take-charge people who, for only $997 $497, will receive this life-changing 5 Jetpack Set and EVERYTHING else you've shared here, including all the emails, the free reports, the websites, articles, traffic training and more.

I am also thankful for the generous money-back + $100 guarantee you're offering me it makes my decision to make a real change in my life that much easier, so please grant me AffiloJetpack access right now!

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Want proof it works? Listen to
what the experts are saying:

You've heard and seen what's included in every Jetpack. You learned that you'll get FIVE not just one. You've got my guarantee where I'll actually pay you $100 if you try this out and it doesn't work.

Now, I want you to listen to what the experts are saying...

What the experts are saying...

"By Implementing Mark's strategies over the years I have personally made a lot of money"

Matt Carter"If there is one guy I can accredit a huge amount of my own success online to, it is without a doubt Mark Ling! By implementing Mark's strategies over the years I have personally made a lot of money.

What impressed me about Affilojetpack was that this course is essentially all these powerful strategies I have learned from Mark, but all done for you, which seriosuly takes the hard work out of it.

Building solid relationships with subscribers via email through quality content has been one of the best tactics I have learned from Mark, and I think Affilojetpack has seriously over delivered here, by giving you quality email sequences that do the selling for you!

Top effort with Affilojetpack!"

Matt Carter
Sydney, Australia

What the experts are saying...

"Mark Ling is my personal brain trust and advisor"

Marc Lindsay"We've known Mark Ling personally for over 3 years now...

Having personally spent time in Mark's house and just recently being able to congratulate him on his latest family addition, I'd say we know Mark pretty well ;)

When it comes to knowledge about affiliate marketing, QUALITY email marketing and product creation in general...

Mark Ling is my personal brain trust and advisor.

We benchmark our quality of products by looking at and talking to Mark to see how well in line we are with his methodologies.

AffiloJetPack is another example of a brilliantly put together product.

Not to mention I'll be personally using this on our Internet Marketing review site, the content is written better than I could write it myself.

These will without a doubt make us personally over 5 figures MORE per month, and I think that I'm being conservative there.

Not to mention the product is so much more than even I had originally thought it was.

Thoroughly impressed."

Marc Lindsay and Daniel Turner,
Founders of LTSEO
Gold Coast, Australia,

What the experts are saying...

"Over the last year I've made well over 7 figures online and the vast majority of that income has come as a result of my various email mailing lists that I've built up"

Michael Rasmussen"I totally agree with Mark that building a strong relationship with your list and having a good mix of hard sell emails with high quality interesting content, is an extremely lucrative business model.

Unfortunately doing it right means treating your subscribers like REAL PEOPLE and that means you need to create high quality content to go in your autoresponder series.

The biggest problem I find when entering a new niche is putting this content together, which can be time consuming and expensive. Yes it's worth it, but what makes AffiloJetpack so amazing is that it does all of this for you and it is great quality. I'm proud to be able to put my name on emails of THIS caliber.

The traffic training and other training is also very good.

Well done on AffiloJetpack and I highly recommend this to anyone out there who is serious about making great money from affiliate marketing."

Michael Rasmussen,
Berkley, USA


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Easy website building system with our custom Wordpress theme.

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1 year one-click hosting and installation with our own purpose-built hosting platform.

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