Introducing Private Coaching

How to get one-on-one help with your Affilorama purchases

About this coaching

For the last 12-months Greg Morrison and Mike Long (two $6-figure per month underground online marketers) have taken a small group of coaching students by the hand and led them through the EXACT step-by-step instructions, over their shoulder.

They teach using their real affiliate websites and local consulting clients and they have terrific results with their coaching clients because of their attention to connecting all the dots from A-to-Z.

They have over 100 customers making over $5-figure per month, and several making $6-figures per month. Now it's your turn!

They teach affiliate marketing AND local client consulting. You get training, coaching, software and you also enjoy an extraordinary exclusive networking, test results and support group.

Mark Ling has put his own stamp of approval on OMG NHB: Project X and has included several modules of his own unique training and advice. Plus we cover Traffic Travis, AffiloBlueprint, AffiloTools, AffiloTheme and AffiloJetpack.


Why you will love this coaching

It's Pretty Easy

Getting TONS of free traffic to your website is about as complicated as learning to use a smart phone or tablet. It's pretty easy. Now designing a smart phone or tablet…or a system for getting TONS of visitors to your website like clockwork - that takes real genius, which is why you've got Greg and Mike on your side. A big reason we've been able to help over 100 people go from $0 to $5-figures per month in the last year is that it's NOT complicated.

Step by Step Training

You get instant access to your membership area where you'll get a whole a to z framework for how to make money online from scratch either as an affiliate, with your own products, and/or consulting for others. Then we take you by the by the hand and lead you step-by-step through key lessons that really get you ahead. You don't need any prior knowledge to begin - in fact the reason we have over 100 $5-figure per month Earnings Reports is because we're so newbie friendly.

Coaching with Greg, Fletch and Mike

You get weekly coaching office hour sessions with Greg and Fletch and often with Mike as well. Greg makes $6-figures per month with SEO, and Fletch makes $5-figures per month with SEO and Mike also makes $6-figures per month with SEO. They know the steps you've been missing out on and they will answer your questions. You won't be handed off to an office assistant or a trainee.

Beginners Welcome

Most of the people who you've seen making $5-figures per month with our system started as total beginners with zero experience and no success. We show you how to start from scratch like us and have massive success.

Software, News, Updates & Templates

We give you our proprietary software, plus news, updates and a boatload of PROVEN money-getting templates that will cut you to the head of the line and past the blind alleys and dead end streets.

Private Mastermind Group

Banding together in one cohesive, very powerful private mastermind group. It might sound like an exaggeration that our private Facebook group could be worth many times the price of admission, but I've heard it so many times from our members, that I almost feel like I'd be doing a disservice if I didn't put the word out about it now.

Who are the coaches and what have they done?


Greg Morrison, Wilmington Delaware

Greg Morrison went from working a day-job, waking up at 3 AM in the morning, living in gang territory, and finding out that he was going to be a daddy…to turning his life around 180-degrees with the power of free traffic. In the last 2-years Greg has made millions with affiliate marketing and local client consulting.

Mike Long, Nashville, Tennessee

Mike Long is an underground marketer who went from being over $100,000 in debt and working overtime to make ends meet to making over $6-figures per month, month after month, year after year. He's made millions in every market from relationship advice, to game strategy, to precious metals and much more.

Joshua Fletcher, Phoenix, Arizona

Joshua Fletcher, or Fletch went from getting a graduate degree at Harvard crashing all the way to earth and working as a construction worker and repairing AC units in the hot Phoenix sun. Under employed and buried in debt, Fletch turned to Greg and Mike's training. He now makes over $20,000 per month with a mix of local client consulting and affiliate marketing.

David Mills, Nashville Tennessee

When David started his first website he had never made much more than $10,000 in one year. Today David is a millionaire and one of the most successful experts when it comes to website conversion - the skill of turning visitors into customers.

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Extended Payment Plan

  • 12 monthly payments
  • Instant access to everything, no drip feeding
  • Perfect for people starting on a budget
$ 439
per month for 12 months, then lifetime access.

Standard Payment Plan

  • 4 monthly payments
  • Instant access to everything, no drip feeding
  • Great for individuals or small businesses who want to spread payments out over time
$ 1,289
4 quarterly payments (once every 3 months), then lifetime access.

One Time

  • Instant access to everything, no drip feeding
  • Modest discount for full up front payment
$ 4,999
one off payment, lifetime access.
You will be redirected to OMG's website for payment and after payment take to is area to begin your coaching


Frequently asked questions

Why doesn't Affilorama offer this directly?

It's not our focus. We chose to focus on providing high quality educational training and software development. We understand some people want more than this which is why we have partnered with Mike Long to offer this.

Is there any refund or guarantee?

Even though this is very inexpensive for what you get, we very much recognize that it is still a significant investment of your hard earned money, and we take that very seriously. Much like a university course, we don't offer refunds because we only allow these few slots, and we put time and effort into answering your emails personally. Because of the high level of investment on our part, we want people who are committed like we are to making money online.

There are several reasons for this:

1) We spend a great deal of personal time and money out of pocket coaching you, time and money that we can't get back if somebody decides to give up.

2) Space is very limited and we always sell out, so we only want those who are fully committed to the process.

3) We think a big reason that we have so many $5-figure per month and even $6-figure per months successes already is because we take a "no holds barred" attitude with our customers, and we go all out to get you earning money online. Without refunds, no brain power goes to indecision, it all goes towards your success, with us to guide you on your way.

If you choose a payment plan, then it's like when you buy a refrigerator, not an ongoing subscription that can or should be canceled.


Does your coaching work for beginners?

Most of the dozens of people now making $5-6 figures per month with us, and many of the people making $6-figures, started as total beginners.

How do I get support?

As this service is offered by a third party you must direct any questions regarding your purchase to them as we cannot handle it - they securely store your credit card details, and handle everything else.