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How To Get People To Outsource Their Work To You On The Forum

How To Get People To Outsource Their Work To You On The Forum

I've been a member of Affilorama since April 2009.  When I came to Affilorama, I had been stumbling around online, not making any sales for about a year.  I was a total newbie and didn't even know what a URL was. I kept getting scammed by every con-artist online promising to help me "get rich quick." I fell for it every time.

I Found Wealthy Affiliate In June 2008

I stumbled across and joined Wealthy Affiliate in June 2008, but found it was too vast and there was not enough hands-on help.  I got lost in the shuffle and ended my membership.  I wasn't going to quit though, because I knew I wanted to make a living online.

My Life Changed In April 2009

I finally found Affilorama through Clickbank - of all places.  I was looking to promote a product (not that I knew how to at that point), and things turned around for me. Now I must say that even though Mark's free videos on affiliate marketing helped me learn the basics, it wasn't until I became a premium member and Affiloblueprint came out that I started making a living online.  I'm not talking about just from my own Affiloblueprint websites either! 

Be Really Good at What You Do

I happen to be really good at article writing.  I've earned expert status on Ezine Articles.  I've also earned a platinum membership with Ezine Articles, and  I've written close to 100 articles for Ezine Articles.  I've also written about 100 articles for Hubpages.  I just really love writing articles.  They say do what you love, and the money will follow.  How true this saying is. 

Anyway, I studied Affiloblueprint, watched the videos over and over, and finally built my first website.  Canine House Training.  Although this first Affiloblueprint site was pretty shabby, it still makes me money. I can always go back and fix what needs to be fixed.  Again, it was my very first site, so all things considered, it's doing well.

A Few Months Later...

Let's fast forward.  Within a few months of launching my first Affiloblueprint site, I started averaging $234.00 a month from this website. And my first website wasn't all that and a bag of chips either, I just did the best I could with it. 

Here's the kicker:

People on the forum and elsewhere have been asking me if they can outsource their Affiloblueprint site work to me because of the quality of my articles and the quality of my work.  Guess what?  I'm making $75.00 an hour building Affiloblueprint websites, writing articles, and building backlinks!  That's $126,000 a year, not including the residual income from my Affiloblueprint niche sites.

My advice to you is this:

  1. Study the videos on Affiloblueprint and AffiloJetpack
  2. Improve your writing skills (this is critical)
  3. Start posting valuable information on the forum
  4. Get really good at building Affiloblueprint sites
  5. Genuinely focus on helping the newcomer 
  6. Know what you're talking about

More Advice:

Become a credible resource for newbies on the forum and people who need to outsource their work by being really good at what you do!  Pick one aspect of affiliate marketing that you love to do and/or that you're really good at, and hone that skill!

Share your knowledge about that subject with others on the forums.  I love building Affiloblueprint websites and I love helping newcomers.  I also love the fact that Mark Ling has taught me a valuable skill that enables me to make a very nice living online.  

If you'd like, take a look at some of my Affiloblueprint sites here:

Downloadable Woodworking Plans

Best Obedience Training For Dogs

Dog Training Breeds

Canine House Training 

Niche Website Building

See you on the forum!

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  • Reply Shane Oliver2853 days ago

    Hi shalisha42,
    I've been dabbling with internet marketing for a little while now, and to be honest... I'd be quite happy earning $126,000 a year!!
    My latest site is www.thelabradortrainer.com, which I've been working on for a month or two. I've followed the jetpack template and have been spinning and submitting articles for a month or two, but still had no sales. What do YOU do once you have the site up and running as a way to build links and start generating traffic? Do you do use the same one or two techniques daily until you start seeing your profile increase? Do you have a daily schedule of jobs that you tick off? Or do you just do what feels right?
    I guess for me I've hit that phase where I'd like to start seeing some reward, but can't help feeling a little discouraged.... Anyway... just wondering what your thoughts were...

  • Reply Shalisha Alston2852 days ago

    Hi Shane. Honestly, I didn't come into affiliate marketing to start making sites and writing articles for other people.:) It just so happens that I'm really good at writing articles and setting up the sites, so people started asking me to do these things for them.

    I just set my price accordingly. Of course, this took away from the time I had to spend on my own sites. When I stopped doing my backlinking due to working for others, I stopped making sales - well, actually, I should say my sales started to trickle in.

    I do know this much - you have to keep writing articles, as I had been doing consistently, every day. I wrote at least one article every day, spun it in AMA and I was making sales. I also put the spun articles in Ezine Articles directory and Hubpages. Now that I've decided to focus on my own sites, I'm going to go back to that strategy.

    This time though, to save time, I'm going to outsource my articles and hire article submitters while I build my other sites. This will speed things up for me.

    Keep submitting articles to AMA, make sure you do good keyword research. Spin your articles well and definitely submit them to Ezine and Hubpages. If you do this consistently (at least one article every day) you'll soon see sales. Also, I don't know what your niche is in, but I picked two really good niches.

    In addition,

  • Reply Elmo Adams2811 days ago

    You say "I kept getting scammed by every con-artist online promising to help me "get rich quick." I fell for it every time."

    HaHa - sounds like me - never met an idea I did not like

    Great stuff

    Go Girl ... or woman ... or ... whatever is right

    BTW - like jetpack - hope that is not the kiss of death on it

  • Reply hcg diet food list • 2250 days ago

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