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Thomas (Tommy) Kysar grew up in Buffalo Bill’s hometown, Cody, Wyoming. He began his work ethic delivering newspapers in the dead of winter in Cody country, then pumping gas, stocking shelves at Monkey Wards, working at odd jobs until graduating with a Master’s Degree.
Tom directed mental health services in Utah before starting a vocational rehabilitation center for disabled adults. His experiences culminated with thirty years as an independent real property appraiser and business valuation specialist including certification as a manufactured home appraiser and licensed real estate broker.
Tom has been a long-time entrepreneur including owning and operating several fast food businesses, a janitorial franchise, a video dating service, a business brokerage company, and is a freelance copywriter authoring several “How To” eBooks.
He has been a Real Estate Instructor for a national real estate school, and has written curriculum for several classes, which remain as part of the instruction materials in training licensed agents on how to appraise “going concern” businesses, and real estate finance.
Tom has also written an instruction manual for a vocational training center on training disabled adults in the art of performing janitorial services. All his experiences culminate in displaying a unique, compelling insider’s view of real estate, businesses, and government.
This comes from Tom’s long career in knowing how people think, what motivates and inspires them, and how this knowledge and experience relates to business and real estate in their many forms.
He served four years in the United States Navy with the U.S. Naval Security Group in the Far East as a Communications Technician intercepting and deciphering highly classified intelligence data.
Tom also served as an Air Traffic Controller with the Federal Aviation Agency. He has realized the value of these experiences, and believe they can be helpful to others.
This epiphany of understanding of their value did not become apparent until most recent periods of reflection and deeper perspective causing him to believe someone somewhere can benefit. Tom’s objective is to share those experiences in his writing.