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Hi, I'm Leah (thriftgirl62) even though it says thriftgirl63 - I lost the 62 and re-joined.

Anyway, I've been around a long time. Over 30+ years in business off-line and 12+ years online. Over the years I've collected every kind of program, ebook, lifetime memberships, etc.. caught scam artists, and I still have not seen it all. Who has?

Everywhere you go, people from all over ask the same question...why don't I make any money online? How can I make more money online? Over and over and nobody ever has the right answer. Do you know why?

Because the ones who know are rarely available online to answer that question. Do you know why? (again)
Because they have already answered that question a dozen times each but nobody listens or believes them. So they don't bother anymore.

I can only assume people are scared of the unknown that sounds too simple to be real and it can't be free either. It is both simple and free but nobody "gets it" although they do talk about it quite a bit. If you guessed "help" each other that's right but there's more. You have to invest in Human Capital - people. People are the most important and valuable resource any business has - including yours.

Every offline business has employees, outside contractors, distributors, etc.. in addition to the owner. Without people, very few online businesses will ever make any money - the 3% you hear about have an organization or an automated system in place.

This is the part that scares people from succeeding....risk and it's more perceived risk than anything else since there is no money involved. The only risk is believing in yourself and in the others who make up the Human Capital (group of people) you're investing your time and energy into for the benefit of everyone.

Personally I don't care where you come from, what business you're in or whether you have any money or ever made any. The only thing that matters is now, today because the only thing we can change is the future. If you want your future to be your past, then don't do anything different today.

I'm thriftgirl62 on eBay, Twitter, Facebook and pretty much everywhere else. My latest venture includes partnering with www.TrafficCentral.com and again, there is nothing buy. This is about building your business by promoting your products and services to more customers, not to each other. Any interest, let me know.