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Hey my name is Matthew, I got into this industry shortly after I had taken a year and a half in an industrial electrical engineering program. I began to question why I was doing what I was doing pursuing this career. The conclusion I came up with for pursuing this industry was simply, security. Security among all the reasons together wasn't sufficient enough for me to continue. This of course was a big shock of change for me, and as the truth became more apparent. I developed desires of wanting freedom to how much I can earn, and freedom of when I can work. I then began to search and as I was searching, what was the entrepreneurial side of me became more apart of me. After searching I met someone who introduced me to Network Marketing... Originally, I wanted to own and rent out property, the guy who I met told me, "to do that you need money". Well I had no money. He then said to use Network Marketing as a means to that end. I fell in love with the concept, and the freedom of life that came with it.

So I started off in Network Marketing.

I was a believer in Network Marketing and the business model. After going through traditional methods of Network Marketing. I decided it was highly more profitable to expand and build my business or any business for that matter through the internet. So I did, not knowing how to internet market, or anything of what a capture page was. I struggled for a bit. But after coming across Empower Network. My internet marketing experience changed for the better. I never had success, an understanding, or a desire for success and knowing what is possible online until I came to that point. Now I'm making money online and helping others do the same.

If you want to work with me or get some helpful tips check out my blog at www.Matthews-Blog.com

Your Friend and Business Partner,
Matthew C