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I am a native of Nashville and Ordained Minister, while having no children of my own. I grew up under the supervision of my grandmother, a truly Godly Woman. She taught me to treat others as you would like to be treated. I did not truly understand when I was younger; what she was teaching me. In some, understanding comes through adversities. I learned when I would not conform to the status quo; that I must stand up for the things I believe in. I decided to leave my hometown, to experience life. I learned many things about myself, by watching others. The mind is truly an infinite tool that can be used to make a more honorable contribution to society. I have a very diverse work background. I had been in healthcare and mental health for many years. I have also been a paralegal, political activist and done public speaking. I was seeking the thing that makes my heart come alive. I love to sing, aspire to make a few movies, do modeling and maybe have a talk show.. I am working on my memoir and would like to turn it into a movie, to inspire others. In life there will be obstacles, but your drive and determination to succeed is all that matters. Surround yourself with those that encourage you and support your dreams. Always be mindful of your dreams and follow them.