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Hermilando “Ingming” Duque Aberia is a frustrated writer who is trying to attract attention for himself. He did not emerge from the block that way, however. He dreamed early in life to become a superman of an athlete. He loved basketball and boxing, being two of the most popular sports in the Philippines where he comes from. But he neither had the skill nor physical endowments to make himself of consequence in athletics. So he stepped back and became a fan of sports heroes instead. In college where he took up AB Economics, he often found himself in some silent corner of the library scanning the sports pages of newspapers and magazines.

Even after he earned a master’s degree in Development Management from the Asian Institute of Management, his being a follower and a student of the sporting world remained evident. He went on to write a book titled “Manny Pacquiao: Story Bigger Than Boxing.” The book has probably been read three times–he himself having read it twice already.

Amazingly, Aberia has varied interests. He has extensive experiences in social development work and research, having at one time or another been affiliated with several government and non-government organizations in the Philippines. He is rumored to be an expert in community development, local governance and project management.

He also proclaims himself as founder of GlobalPinoy.mobi.

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A506 1933 Rizal Avenue, Sta Cruz, Manila
Tel: 639058664106
Email: admin@globalpinoy.mobi

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