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I'm a 23 yo Indonesian resides in Jakarta. I've been a local business owner that runs an English tutoring program for small kids since a year ago.

To increase profit, I decided to learn about marketing my business in Internet. But it turned out that I found some other opportunities to make money online. From PTC, eBay selling, freelance, until now affiliate marketing. I've made a few bucks from all of them, but not get too content.

People said that I must focus choosing which method should I use to make money online, so I choose affiliate marketing because I think affiliate sites can earn me residual income relatively fast if I really focus on it.

Before joining Affilorama, I've joined Wealthy Affiliate University and Chris Farrell Membership, each for several months. Should I compare them to Affilorama, Affilorama's lessons equal all the knowledge that I get from those 2 membership sites. Affilorama is a real deal!