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I’m Candice, a 24 year old mommy to a beautiful three and a half year old princess. Professionally, I recently finished with a BA in Criminal Justice with a focus on Social Work, have interned in the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office and The Door in Soho and currently am I doing the boring office work thing….but my joy and passion has lied in my stay at home mommy time where I am able to enjoy our time and ensure my daughter is eating the best that she can. Since her first tablespoon, I made all of her food organic and homemade- she loved the homemade baby food and I loved knowing she was only eating the best. Now that she is a bit older, we try some fun dessert recipes as well. Cooking and baking has proved to be one of the best activities we do together- and the most fun! So get to where ever you buy music, get a Peter, Paul and Mommy album and get in the kitchen for a fun and calming time with the kids!

But, after playtime is over, please come back here or open the paper to make sure you are not just aware but take seriously the injustices and unfortunate happens that are forever occurring in the absence of truth. Some parents do not have the same resources as the rest of us to support and defend their children, and even some who do are halted by the systems society has put in their way. So, as much as we would all love to stay in the kitchen and playroom all day we need to be universal parents and support every child. How we begin to do this is read, comment and be aware of what is going on out there.