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I am a mama, a wifey, a daughter, a sister, and strive to be a good friend. I am always busy. I love to create. I LOVE to shop. I am more of a garage sale shopper than a Macy's shopper though. I love to re-create something and shock people when I tell them "I bought it for a $1". I love to be a goofball rather than serious. My husband says I am bossy. He is probably right, but I am nice about it. I am pretty laid back and not uptight unless I am hot or super tired and then I get a little cranky. I just about always wake up happy and go to bed really late. I love my life and all those in it!!!!!

This is a brand new adventure in my life. I decided I was not serving myself well just doing what I had always done so I stopped and redirected myself completely. I have bigger plans for this amazing life of mine. I want to gain wealth and then be a philanthropist for the remainder of my days. I would like to travel the world, give back to my parents, help my brother and sister, and my kids first and foremost. All of this would bring me the greatest joy that life could offer.

So here we go!