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What kind of content is there on the web?

When the web first started, there was only plain text web pages. But as internet speeds got faster, people could put more different kinds of content on the internet. Now there are pictures, videos, music and interactive applications available to access on the internet – all right from your browser!


Although the internet can be a really great place to find information and entertainment, it's important to remember that anyone can put anything on the internet. This means that the stuff you read on the internet may not always be 100% accurate, and it's also why there is some very offensive material on the internet. This is usually pretty easy to avoid, and some browsers even allow you to select what kind of content you want to be able to see (important if you have kids using your computer). But as long as you are aware of what's out there, the internet is an amazing collection of the interesting, the funny, the bizarre and the entertaining!

Examples of content and services available on the internet:

Business and Money:
  • Online banking (talk to your bank about how to access your account from the internet)
  • Investing e.g. www.scottrade.com
  • Buying online, e.g. www.amazon.com (see ecommerce section)
  • Selling online e.g. www.ebay.com (see ecommerce section)
Education and Learning and Current Affairs: Entertainment: Communication and Socializing:

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