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What's next?

The internet is always being developed and advanced. While this is amazing it also can be a bit overwhelming if you're just getting to grips with how things are now! While no one can predict exactly how technology will advance, there are definitely some trends today that help us guess what's going to be happening tomorrow. Here are just a few things that will become much more common over the next few years.

Cloud Computing:

At the moment, you have a computer, and all your software and files sits on your computer. While this has worked well for a long time it has a number of limitations. Your files can only be accessed from one place, which means you have to either copy them on to something else like a thumb drive. It also makes the risk of loosing files much higher. While we all know we're suppose to back up our important stuff, I don't know of many people who haven't lost something important at least once because they forgot to do this!

This is where cloud computing comes in. Instead of having your files stored on your home or work computer, they are stored on a server just like a website. This means that you can access your files from anywhere. And instead of having software installed on your computer, you can use software that's available over the internet using just your web browser. One of the best examples of this is the Google suite of applications that are available for free at Google.com. Google has an really easy to use email service, as well as applications for creating documents, subscribing to blogs, scheduling events and meetings on calendar and even building websites. Watch the Common Craft video below for an explanation of the document creating application Google Docs.

Mobile Web:

You are likely reading this on a traditional desktop computer, or maybe a laptop. However computer developers are getting better at packing more computing power into smaller and smaller packages. Many new cell phones like the iPhone by Apple allow you to browse the web and access lots of it's resources. These devices are only getting faster, more powerful and cheaper. While there will always be a place for the larger computers (no one wants to write a book on a cell phone!), more functions and features are going to become available on mobile devices, including music, video, and any other content you can imagine!

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