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What is sharing on the web?

When you find something interesting, funny or topical on the web, you may very well want to share it with your friends and family. It used to be that the best way of sharing something was to email someone a link. While this can be good in certain circumstances, if you have a lot of people doing this, your email inbox will quickly be overrun with links.


Even if they're all worth looking at, this quickly gets really annoying if you're trying to use email to communicate! This is where social media can be extremely useful, and this will be covered in more detail in the next section.

You should start looking out for the sharing buttons that appear on many blogs and webpages. These make it really easy to share what you find on social bookmarking sites as well as other social media services. For example at Affilorama, we use a set of social bookmarking buttons at the bottom of all our blog posts as well as a Twitter button at the top of our post that allows people to share our content through a variety of mediums.

Once you start using the various social media sites outlined in the next section, be sure to look out for these buttons which will help you share content you like with other people.

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