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How do people and businesses sell online?

Here are the main two forms of selling online.


Many traditional businesses now sell their products online – some have even moved to exclusively using the internet to process orders. Websites often use a 'shopping cart' model, where you can look around the different products a company offers and click the ones you want to buy. Once you have selected everything you want, you 'proceed to the checkout' by clicking a button and view your entire order. Typically customers pay by credit card or Paypal, which is an online payment system that allows you to pay using just your email address and a password.

A good example of a site with a massive ordering system is Amazon.com. Take a look at Amazon.com here.

Market Place

While some sites sell products from just one company, other sites allow anyone to sell anything they want on them. The best example of this is eBay.com. At eBay you can list anything, from old items around your house that you no longer use, to items you brought wholesale and are now selling off at a profit. eBay is also a great place to look for cheap products too. Often you find things much cheaper there than if you brought them at a store.

Many people set up businesses using eBay and have a full time job buying and selling online. Some use wholesale directories like this one to find products at the cheapest price they can and then sell them off on a regular basis. Many people make this kind of buying and selling their hobby, and really enjoy looking for the best deals. Have a look at eBay here.

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