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How does the web work?

While you don't need to know all the technical details, understanding a little bit about how the world wide web actually works can be a big advantage. Watch this Common Craft video which explains the World Wide Web in Plain English:

The web is a collection of millions of different pages of information. These web pages are written is a special code called HTML (Hypertext Mark-up Language). This code has a collection of special phrases and characters that tell your web browser how the web page is supposed to look. You can see what the HTML for this page looks like by clicking on the 'View' menu and then selecting 'View Source' or 'Page Source' (some browsers may be different). While it can look pretty complicated, you will notice that a lot of the code is actually just simple English words that have peculiar punctuation and characters around them.

Web pages can also have other kinds of content on them including video, audio and pictures. In this case there is special code in the HTML that tells your browser where it can find the picture or video so it can then play it.


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