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What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is something you probably encounter every day on the web – but you may not even realize what it is! Affiliate marketing is basically an online system where someone gets paid for referring sales or potential customers to another business. An affiliate is like a middle man (or woman), they find people who have a problem or need and put them in contact with someone who has a solution.

Often when you search for something on Google, for example “Dog Training”, many of the sites that come up are actually affiliate sites. These sites may have a whole bunch of articles to do with Dog Training which you can read for free. At the same time the site may also give you a whole bunch of examples of paid products that could help you train your dog. Their site might even review a whole bunch of dog training products to give you an idea of what is the best product to buy for your price range. These are affiliate products. When you click on a link to go to the website that's actually selling the product, an extra bit of information is contained in the link that tells the person selling the product who sent you there. This means that if you buy something, the person who sent you there gets a commission on the sale.

This form of online marketing is really popular for a number of reasons. Merchants like it because they only have to pay affiliates when they make a sale. Affiliates like it because they can make money relatively easily by promoting other people's products and customers like it because affiliates make it easier to find products and services that they need.

Affiliate marketing is an incredibly popular way of starting a business online. Most affiliates start out just doing it part time or as a hobby but there are thousands of people who make full time livings promoting affiliate programs, and some who even make millions of dollars a year doing it!

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