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XsitePro:Why can't I edit published pages?

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XsitePro:Why can't I edit published pages?

If anyone has an idea why I can not pull up published pages inside xsite pro? Also I can not get my images from the clip art area to my web page design area of Xsite pro All I get is a box with a red "x", the text I type in is fine but no image.

I have been trying to work with support over at Xsite pro, they suggested to uninstall and re-install in a different file.

I have done this several times in different files and desk top, down loads, libraries, you name it.

Every thing seems to work great with xsite pro but it seem to be a problem with the graphic editor.

When I go to Web pages-Design a scrip error comes up?

Please any help would be great!

I have 20 pages up on my site with NO images and If I want to make any changes to published pages, I have to start that page from scratch:(
Thanks Sonelt
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Hi Sonelt,
Welcome to Affilorama.
When you say you can not pull up published pages, do you mean you can not preview the live page in the preview tab?
Are you building your site with .php extension?
If so, some computers will not display the preview page with a .php named site.
Have you tried building the site in .html?

As for the clipart.. the only reason I can think of that you are getting the red X is because you have somehow moved the files somewhere else or something has gone wrong in the installation of xsite pro and it did not load the file paths correctly.

You may need to reinstall xsitepro and make sure your anti virus is hut off when doing it.

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Another common problem with not seeing images when a site is uploaded, but able to see them when testing on your computer (especially if you are using Windows) is that some operating systems (read Windows) are very "liberal" when it comes to file names and see "MyFileEx.txt" to be the same file as "myfileex.txt" However, many other operating systems, such as Unix and ones based on it like Linux (which most of the servers running the internet are one of these two), see this as two different file names. So make sure that where you entered the name of the file matches what is actually stored.

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