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Wordpress vs XSitePro... expert advice requested :)

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Wordpress vs XSitePro... expert advice requested :)

I've been hearing a lot of debate over which route is better, Wordpress vs XSitePro. Having done both, I am still interested to hear what some of the successful Internet Marketers on this forum will have to say (not sure how many are still in the forum but I'll try).

Here's the controversy...
1. Some say that Google likes wordpress sites better
2. Wordpress sites may rank quicker/better in Google
3. Wordpress sites are better for linking, because other sites are "borrowing" content so often nowadays, but it seems to me to be harder to "borrow" content from a website (+ for websites)

What are the benefits of building a website over a wordpress blog (NOTE: I am assuming you BUY a .com for this)?

Which is better? Your comments will solve the debate and enlighten those who are hesitant to building Wordpress blogs or forking over $197 to buy XSitePro.
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