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Should you buy just the .com, or the .com, .org, and .net?

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Should you buy just the .com, or the .com, .org, and .net?

I have come up with a really great name for a website that I plan on building later on after I have more experience building websites. But, since nobody has thought of it yet and it's a really good idea and good domain name, I figured I should go ahead and purchase the domain before somebody beats me to it. But, I'm not sure if I should just get the .com, or should I also get the .org and .net?

I foresee this becoming a very popular site in this particular niche or community. And a very big site like Affilorama. So, I figured I'd check to see how Mark Ling done Affilorama. I see he's got the .com, and .org. He just has his .org redirected back to the .com. He might also have the .net, but I can't tell because there is currently an error with that page - it doesn't redirect.

Should I get all three or what?

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If you really plan for it to become huge like Affilorama, then it can't hurt to buy them.
It could save you some problems in the future.

If the $30 per year is no burden to you then it really can't hurt. If in the end you find you don't want the site, then it's really only $30 down the drain.

For smaller niche sites though I only ever really bother with buying the .com
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