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Should I upload my site even if I only have a few articles?

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Should I upload my site even if I only have a few articles?

I have a question about uploading my site to the host
Should i wait until I have the 30 or more articles ready on my site and upload all together?

Or can I upload my site with 10 articles already set up and update the site with articles and pages etc as i go?

Is this ok or does it have effects on google or ranking in anyway?
I heard that slowly updating you site like this naturally is a good thing

Your advice is much appreciated

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It's actually a good plan to upload your site even if it's not yet totally finished so that your domain will start aging. This would be good for your site's ranking.
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I uploaded my site w/only one article at the start of the blog boot camp. My writer is having some trouble at home so he hasn't been able to finish them yet. I have been creating back-links as he gives me articles. This looks more natural to the search engines so sometimes it can be a benefit.
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