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Problems with Wordpress Theme Settings

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Problems with Wordpress Theme Settings

Hi, I'm working on and there is a 1/2 inch gap between my text page and my side bar. I have tried everything but I can't get the text page to expand to the right or the side bar to move left. I watched the videos on affiliobluprint 4.1b and it shows how to do it. But when I go and look at the Theme options they are not the same. Her theme settings has more options, the one i have doesn't I was wondering if I am missing a plug in or a widget.
Thank you
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Just had a look at your site and all looks good, it looks really professional.

Bit of funny text at bottom of site, guess it still work in progress.

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Looks fine to me, if you want less space, you need to adjust the padding. go to theme options, article panel tab, I usually set my padding to 15.

The one thing that I would chang is the blocky text. Break it up some, give your articles some space. large blocks of text are hard to read, and if it is hard people will just leave, never come back, and not recommend anyone to come see your site.
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