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Problem between Filezilla and Hostgator upload

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Problem between Filezilla and Hostgator upload

Hi guys

I am having a bit of a problem moving my webpages from XSitePro over to Filezilla. I have 10 Addon Domains on Hostgator. I think I set those up correctly as Addons. If not, correct me please. When I go to Filezilla to ftp the yeast infection webpages over it appears to load over all the data. The first time I went to my "" page I got the 404 Hostgator page "server could not find page" and the second time all I get is the list of items that my pages consist of. What am I doing wrong? Can Filezilla not handle 2 uploads of domains? I loaded another addon webpage and it is showing in the Filezilla list of Remote also. The webpage for it loads up on the net fine. Could that be blocking my "yeastmagic" upload?

Thanks for the help
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You may be further ahead if you address this question on the support forum for Host Gator. They are excellent and will be in an excellent position to address the Filezilla interaction with Host Gator for best results.
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