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Please Explain Data Feeds to me!

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Please Explain Data Feeds to me!

I need a Data Feeds for Dummies, please help! First of all, maybe I don't even know what a data feed is. Is it just a list of all their products or is it something that will put all their products on my website at once?

I am trying to build a font affiliate website since it is a niche I am interested in. I found a "supplier" who has an affiliate program and offers a data feed. I downloaded it. That is about all I know how to do.

What kind of file should it save as? On my MacBook, it saves as a .csv and opens up as a bunch of gobbledegook. On my Windows computer, it saves as an Excel file.

I read on the font site's FAQ that you should make the data feed part of your search results on your page, but I have no idea how to do that. I am working on wordpress.

Is there some kind of free or cheap WP plug-in I can utilize that will allow me to add all the data to my site in a few clicks? I found a couple plug-ins but they were specific to certain sites, like commission junction.

Can someone please tell me how to use a data feed and I really need it spelled out for me!

Thank you so much!
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Hi abbyclairebrady,

A Data Feed is similar to a news feed. It makes it easier to load hundreds of production information to a site. The CSV file is a spreadsheet file that you need to upload to your site. Wordpress has datafeed plugins that help you import these CSV files to your site. There's WP All Import and a few others that you can look at.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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There are actually different kids of data feeds. But for affiliate marketing, data feeds are usually for e-commerce type of site where there are tons of product information to upload to the affiliate marketer site.

There are also data feeds in the form of content, like Cecille said.

You can find tons of datafeeds plugins/ However, make sure that you know what kind of datafeed you have so you can choose the right WP plugin.

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